Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Listings

Finally! I finally got a couple new bags listed, one regular size (roughly 10x10.5") and one sock knitting bag (roughly 8x8.5"). I have the front and back pieced for another sock knitting bag and 3 more regular sized ones planned in my head. I sold the War is Not Civil bag I had made out of civil war repros, and I think I might make another one or two. I have enough scraps leftover from my block swaps to do so and it was really nice looking. Maybe I can make one of those tomorrow. The quilting on the regular sized bag wasn't as creative as I usualy do but I pulled a muscle or something in my lower back last night and I couldn't hardly start to sit on the chair at my sewing machine! I kept thinking, "almost done, almost done!" LOL!

I don't know if I will make anymore pieced/quilted sock knitting bags after this. They are kind of a pain, being smaller around and having pockets. The one I listed tonight gave me a lot of trouble with the pockets on the inside, the fabric, thread and sewing machine just did NOT want to work together. I finally conquered though. I made some different smaller bags a while back, Mom has them listed on her etsy site. They are not pieced or quilted, just batik on the outside and lined. They are much easier, but I don't know how well they would sell on my shop since the whole hippy, batik, scrappy thing is apparently my trade mark.

I hope to get to sew some more tomorrow. We are picking my sister Diantha up in the morning, she is going with us to Tony's Dad's and Grandparents' house in Greeneville on Thursday for Thanksgiving. We took Artemas with us last year and since then the two of them have fought over who gets to go this year. Diantha is a big help playing with the baby and Jeremiah so I might be able to get a whole nother (is that a word?) bag made.

I have been working here and there at night when I'm too tired to sit at the machine on a hat for my niece, Aubree. She will be 2 the beginning of next month and has the whole "Diva" thing going already. Her favorite color is red. I used a beautifully soft black eyelash yarn for the cuff or brim of the hat and I'm using a sport-weight red acrylic yarn for the main part of the hat. I want my SIL to be able to throw it on the machine if Aubree paints herself with mashed potatoes (again) or something. It doesn't show up well in the picture but the hat has 6 cables in it, it is very pretty in person already! That's a pic of her, underneath the hat. I told her to say "Cheese!" and instead she did an Elvis-lip thing, LOL!

My baby is going through a growth spurt or something, wanting to nurse every 20 minutes even though she's eaten food too. I'm amazed I'm getting anything done, although I sewed while the kids took an extra-long nap. I still need to pack for Greeneville but, hey! Why not put it off until tomorrow? hahaha...


  1. boy the more I read the more you sound like your mother!!! LOL LOL love the hat! Love the little girl what a sweetie!!! Have fun!!! God Bless Marion

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving and congrats on geting some bags listed!