Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breakfast, whoa

Wow. I'd forgotten how much these kids eat. Well, I know how much they eat 'cause I've seen it recently but I've seen the food already prepared. I forgot how much you have to fix to feed 'em!

Got up, started making breakfast. I cooked a pound of bacon, I scrambled 9 large eggs all together. I fixed the rest of my Krusteez pancake mix and it made 6 5" round pancakes. Several cups of milk and juice. It's gone. I didn't even get a pancake (but I got bacon, by golly!). Artemas isn't even awake yet so it was only (hehe) Diantha, Veronica, Josiah, Jeremiah and Tony. Artemas stayed up all night apparently, watching Resident Evil movies. So he missed breakfast. When he gets up, dude can make himself a ham sandwich.

While I was making breakfast I finished loading and ran the dishwasher because I forgot to last night, so we had hardly any plates and no silverware. Thankfully, back in July I bought too much plastic ware for Jeremiah's birthday and Tony found the leftover up in the cubboard.

My hero!


  1. ha ha, do I know that one. Between my two boys we go through a box of pancake mix, dozen eggs and lb of bacon easy. Now if Hubby eats well then I am in trouble. Of course he is a biscuit and gravy man. All but one of mine now have made the transition. I missed breakfast altogether, kids were dragging this morning, it was hard just to get them to school. Would have loved to have joined yours! I had to go work. I have tomorrow off! YEAH GOD!!! Now what shall I do... :-)