Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More handspun

Wow it was a busy weekend! Not so much for me I guess, since I just kind of hung around Mom's house while Tony played in the dirt underneath with the plumbing, LOL! I did, however, spin around 200 yards of yarn on Mom's homemade low-whorl drop spindle!! She had bought a bunch of "batt crazies" from a seller on etsy with the mindset that she'd spin in here and there and after Christmas start knitting herself a moebius wrap. Well, I got all the batt that she had left spun! Haha!
Once they were spun we had to soak them to set the spin and then hung them from her shower rod to dry. The 1st and 3rd yarn pictured on the right are from those crazy batts, the middle yarn is one from a batt she bought for me that was a lucious black merino with an incredible neon blue bamboo stripe in it. I got 54yds yarn from the 3oz of batt. I can't wait to play with it some more!

Here are the pics of Mom's finished yarn. She did one skein all by herself, one she did half, I did half and the other I did entirely by myself! Can you guess which one is which? HA! Thought not... that is going to make one beautiful wrap, I am SO jealous!
Off to Mom's to visit with Grandmom and Uncle John who are in from NJ (or PA, I can never remember...) More tidbits later!

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