Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay quilting!

I ACTUALLY got some quilting done today! Not working on bags, not knitting, not THINKING about quilting or bags or knitting but honest to God quilting done.

I took the kids to Mom's along with my sewing machine, rotary cutter, sewing scissors, half my stash, a 3 yard roll of quilt batting, a pile of juvey flannels and I handed Hannah to Veronica when I got there. Jeremiah went to play with Josiah and I spread out my stuff and worked on quilting! I got about 100 5" charms cut and paired with neutral colored 5" charms in either 4-patch units or HSTs. Need to iron all of those now that I'm home. I'm going to make a Jewel Box pattern with them which means I get to square up 4,000 4.5" components. (sigh) I got 46 7" squares of the flannels cut out--sorry, actually got 92 flannel squares cut out and 46 5" squares of cotton batting and I made 46 flannel sandwhiches for Hannah's shaggy quilt for Christmas. I think I need to pick up some more flannels, since that won't be crib sized if I sewed them all together now but it's a great start!

My Christmas-gift-giving list is off and running again! I am working toward a goal! I am MAKING progress! I am exhausted.

Jeremiah hit his leg on something at walmart a week ago, giving himself a nasty bruise that is still slightly swollen. He's hit it 3 more times since then, once very badly tonight and now it is really swollen. Poor baby fell asleep with an ice bag on it. I don't think it's broken since he has all his motor skills and can wiggle all his toes and his foot, but it is still very sore and he is very sad. Tony is bringing home some children's Motrin to see if that will help with the pain any. Other than that, I don't know what to do. Or rather, I don't think there is anything else I can do.

If Mom can find my handspun yarn I did (grin), tomorrow I'd like to start knitting with it since I've gotten such a good start on these two quilts. LOL! Or maybe I should have some self control and finish the quilts?

I did get one thing listed on Etsy today: the Mule Barf Scarf! It is purple and a pink/orange/blue/green yarn that reminds me of that Jello-salad stuff that is featured at all church picnics. We used to call it Mule Barf, and somehow the name fits the scarf!


  1. wow quite an accomplishment on all that quilting. You are very talented! I hope that bruse heals quickly, babies seem to bounce back thank Goodness. As for the yarn I always seem to have 1 or 2 knitting projects started and 1 or 2 sewing projects at the same time so dont feel badly! I'm so very excited because of you and your lovley Mom I'm in 3 drawing give aways who knows my luck may change and I may actually win something. LOL Huggs and God bless marion

  2. Congrats on the sewing! I cant wait to be up and sewing again. I dont even have enough energy to sit and crochet. Of course i can't crochet any of my projects since the kids are home anyway. Hopefully just one more day of this. I want to be up and ready for the new week tomorrow. At least Mekenzei is starting to do better too. Sorry to hear about your sons leg. My kids always seem to have a bruise or two from something. I love the name of your yarn. Made me laugh pretty good. :-)