Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YoYo Pictorial

I recently made some yo-yo ornaments and they were really cute. Someone asked me to post a "pictorial" explaining how to make them. These make an excellent project for kids, great gifts for secret pals or teachers. Aside from the use of a glue gun (which they now sell at the Dollar Tree) they are really kid friendly too! Click on each picture for a larger version! You will need a handful of buttons, a length of lace, a cheap spool of ribbon, needle and thread and the glue gun.
I used 5" charms of Christmas fabrics I had laying around, so my cut circles are almost 5"--more like 4 3/4" if you want to get technical. Trace circles, cut them out. You need 2 fabric circles per ornament.You don't have to use a beer bottle, honestly. And sorry, it was the only thing I could find that was the right size. Right about 2 1/2". You need 2 cardboard circles for each ornament. Trace and cut them out with paper scissors. I used a cereal box for my circles.
Use a needle and thread to make a "running stitch" around the edge of the circle, right side toward you. Place a carboard circle inside and draw the circle closed. Note, the bigger your stitches, the easier it is to drawstring the circle closed. My stitches were about 1/2" long. Once you have your circle drawn shut, stitch back and forth a coupletimes and tie a knot to hold the yo-yo closed permentantly.
Now use the glue gun to place bead of hotglue in center where your seam and place a button on the glue. This makes sure your seam won't come undone and the button cutely hides the stitches!
Measure around the edge of your yoyo and cut lace to that length. You need one piece of lace per ornament. Using the gluegun, hot glue the lace to the back (flat side) of one yo-yo.
Cut a piece of ribbon about 3" long and glue both cut ends on top of each other near the edge of the yo-yo so that it makes a loop (to hang on the tree). Sorry I don't have a picture of this step, but it is easy! Take the yo-yo for the other half of the ornament and put hot glue all around the edge on the flat side, about 1/4" in. Press both flat sides together.
TADA! You've made a yo-yo ornament! Here are my finished ornaments, I made 10. A person could use more elegant fabrics and antique looking lace for more Victorian looking ornaments. Or, use stripey (or candy colors) fabric and hotglue a popcicle stick in opposite the hanging loop (so the lopo is at the top and the stick points straight out the bottom) for lollipop ornaments.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. The kids saw these and want to do them with their own theme fabrics from their room and maybe add a small picture for this year. I think they will be great for them to do as gifts for their teacher this year! They are really cute.

  2. I love, love, love yoyos!! I haven't made any for a long time because my hands don't stitch too well, but you're bringing back the fun urge to do so!! Kid's are going to love this! Hint: Don't use cardboard, but stuff yoyos, run them together & make a catapillar! Felt or other objects can make the face on the end yoyo. Good job on the tutorial, Desiree! Best to you!, Lee

  3. I have a ton of yo yo's in my fabric stash ummm good idea!!!! your so smart. thanks Marion

  4. Great tutorial! Its always good to find new ways to make ornaments!