Friday, November 28, 2008

Stuffed to the gills

Where did that saying come from anyway? I don't believe I even have gills. Anyhoo, we had a good Thanksgiving with no fighting, lots of food, and minimal annoyance to me by my SIL. LOL! We took my sister with us and she got along well and was even invited back. We are finally almost home, having made a pit stop at Mom's to drop of Diantha and just haven't managed to leave yet.

I'm getting ready to go dig thru her scrab box (bin, tote, tub, 50 gallon drum) to look for dark or black scraps suitable for making the Vampyr (haha, fancy) bag I have forming in my head. I knocked myself out (almost) trying to get some bags done this week, and I did sell one today! Just not one of the new ones I nearly knocked myself out to make haha!

Mom's given me a bag of some luscious merino wool died in candy blue and pink to spin into some yarn for a hat for my other sister. She (Mom) says she has other things to spin and I can practice. This is great, and I am excited, except...

I have the Ugly Quilt to pin and quilt
2 loud, loud shirts to make for my Dad for Christmas
a stocking to make for Hannah
the seams on Hannah's shaggy to clip
and tonight my beautiful baby sister asked for a red knitted hat. I brought the one I knit for my niece Aubree and Beverly, who's favorite color in the world is red (ah, a girl after my own heart) saw the hat and wouldn't return it. I told her, look in my bag, I have more red yarn I can knit one for you too! She picked the yarn out of my bag and shoved it at me in a silent, "Here! Start. Now." kind of way. She's not spoiled or anything, but I told her I'd start on it when I get home. *sigh*

We hit the mall on the way home from Greeneville to see about a gift certificate for my cousin. I didn't get the gift certificate but I did manage to buy 5 pairs of panties from Victoria's Secret, LOL! Actually, I picked them out and my wonderful, manly hubby went and stood in a long line with little bitty, brightly colored panties that didn't even make a handful for him and paid for them. I love him. I got a gift certificate just for buying something today, so I can go back after the 1st and buy some more. Yay! Panties!


  1. funny how little panties make a girl happy! And wow a big burly man standing in line with a handfull of little pretty panties oh adorable. He truley loves you girl. My hubby wouldn't get cauguht doing that! As for your list I get tired just looking at it. Glad you had a wonderful day!!! God bless Marion

  2. I told your dad and he said all he could picture was either Arnold as The Terminator, or Shrek standing in line with all those ladies. So I added a Tony Santa Shrek picture for you. LoL