Sunday, November 23, 2008

One down

One down, thirty five to go, LoL!
I got one more thing finished today and crossed off my gift-giving list. A pair of knit men's camoflauge slipper socks. They fit Tony and he usually wears a size 12, so what is that? An XL? Anyway, they look huge to me. We play the gift game with his family on his Dad's side, so that's his gift to put in the game. I am glad to have them done!

We spent 9 hours at my aunt and uncle's house today to visit with my grandparents, allow Tony to work on our bedframe and also watch the football game. The Vols won--yay, I guess. LoL! I was able to spend a LOT of time knitting, in fact I started and finished one whole slipper there. I had hoped to get home in time to sew a little tonight, but oh well, tomorrow is another day.

My dear MIL bought my kids winter coats a few weeks ago, and since it is a little difficult to get a puffy coat on a 7 month old she bought Hannah this WONDERFUL soft pink snow bunny suit! The pink faux-ultra suede looks so good with her little baby blue eyes. Doesn't she look happy with her little dolly?

I thought I might as well share some pictures of my children from this week since I am stuck in the recliner nursing the baby, and Tony went to lay with Jeremiah (ie, go to sleep himself) without handing me the remote. Right now Steve-O is getting a tatto while riding cross country in a jeep, bouncing all around. At least that's better than 2 minutes ago when I was getting to watch Johnny Knoxville get papercuts between his toes. What is wrong with these people anyway? I think Johnny Knoxville would be kinda cute if he weren't such a freak.

Anyway, here is Jeremiah playing in the train room at the Children's Museum on Thursday. He LOVES trains and has a hundred pieces of wooden train track/parts himself but was still excited to see they had a train table also!

OH! And I won a set of notecards from Orange Cat Art, click there to visit their Etsy shop! Thanks so much guys, I am so excited to have won!!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! I love the bunny suit. I think Mekenzei had something simliar when she was that age. It woudl be nice if more clothes and jackets had been car seat friendly, or stroller friendly.
    I love the slipper socks. I have never done any before. of course I do not know how to knit, just crochet and can't read a pattern yet. I see them at Walmart and even bought a pair once but they were not warm at all. I was bummed as my feet are always cold. Congrats on getting some things done!