Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My own worst critic

I am my own worst critic. I second guess everything I do. Like the "Ugly quilt"; I thought it was horrible, quite an "OH NO!" experience. Other people have said it's not too bad. It looks better now, I must admit. I rearranged it so the diamonds are all the same fabrics. I'd like to be an "artist" but I think that a true artist would be sure of themselves in their art.

Everytime I make a bag I think, "This is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!!" Suddenly though, as soon as it's done it looks pretty good. It's a phenominom. I knit things and show them to a couple people before I think they're okay; the same with my knitting, spinning, quilting, painting, writing.

The point of all this is to brag just a little. I got 2 wonderful feedbacks on etsy today for a purple batik bag and the black and white/red split personality bag I made. The lady who bought them was SO happy and had such nice things to say about me and my craftsmanship. I was very pleased; it was nice to hear such great feedback from a non-biased party, LoL!

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  1. I agree about you being your own critic not sure about the wost part. You do wonderful work and you have to relize that sometimes we have to step back and look at things as if someone else had done them. Art is just that art and to some it maybe ulgy or not to there linking and can be to others beautiful! Huggs and give yourself alot of credit! God Bless marion