Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kick-off for the weekend

I purchased the rest of the flannel material I need (I hope!!) for Hannah's shaggy quilt today and cut the squares out. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will get to work on it. I also dug in Mom's stash and found the right dark blue fabric to border the Ugly Quilt and cut them out. I can't wait to finish that one. I'd love to get it ready to quilt this weekend.

Tomorrow we are heading to my aunt and uncle's house so Tony can finish building the platform/bed frame for our bed. A couple months ago we bought a king sized bed set but don't have a frame to set the bed on. For the last month or so Tony has been borrowing their garage to build a frame, with drawers in the sidss and everything it is quite fancy. He really is doing a good job, I'm proud of him. My grandparents are in from Ohio staying with my aunt and uncle until after Thanksgiving so we will visit with them a while too.

I began work on a knitted slipper sock today too to match one I'd already knit (I ran out of yarn). I bought the same yarn again and this one is turning out different than the first!! Other than the color it doesn't match at all! I am going to have to knit another from the same skein when I finish the one I'm working on so I'll have a matched set. Sheesh. What do I do with the original camo slipper?! Crap. I told Mom I might fill it with plaster of Paris and let it be a door stop. She said she thought the plaster would leak through the stitches.

I have lots of ambition for the weekend, and very little energy. I am very, very, horribly sleepy and I SHOULD go to bed since Hannah is now asleep but I'm halfway through watching Love Actually and I love this movie and most of the actors in it and have been waiting all week for it to be on. Decisions, desicions.

I should mention I have been corrected on a mistake I made in yesterday's blog: There were 9 kids with us at the museum. I forgot Mom had her niece Dana with her! Sorry!


  1. Huggs and your allowed to make mistakes! Marion

  2. Hey Des, I got Mekenzeis Horse Bag in the mail today. I just love it. I can't wait to give it to her. My son that it was real cool that it had pockets inside. It will be hard not to give it to her early!!! Congrats on his making you the frame for your bed. My middle son still has a full size on the floor. One day.... it used to be ours and we had it on the floor too, then we got a new bed. First one ever with a frame. However to have drawers, wow that would help a lot! That is what my son needs for sure. have a great weekend!!! Jenn