Monday, November 24, 2008

Short week

This week I will sew.
Already today I've finished piecing Hannah's shaggy and all that's left is to snip te seams. A big task in its own right! Maybe I will take it with me in the car Thursday since we have a 2+hr drive to Tony's Dad's. I should be able to get it all snipped during the trip then, it's only 40"x45". I might take along this hat I'm knitting for my niece if I haven't finished it by then.

I have the Ugly Quilt ready to pin and quilt. I was planning on pinning it while the kids nap this afternoon but it is such a cold rainy day and my kids are so warm and snuggly I think I will have to nap with them.

I want to make and list at least 3 more bags on etsy by Wed night since I've sold a couple in the last week! I figure it's a good idea since Fri kicks off the major Christmas shopping season. Although, I am almost done. I love Thanksgiving, it might be my favorite holiday, but it does kind of through a wrench in the works as it makes it a very short week! Anything I need to do this week needs to be done by Wednesday then. Bags, quilts, pack for the trip to Greeneville. Plus I need to finish putting up groceries (yes, I'm a slob), clean my kitchen, my room and put up laundry. Maybe I should forego the nap?

Tony went shopping last night. We needed baby wipes and he came home with 3 outfits for Hannah, 1 for Jeremiah, a box of chocolates for me, a spool of thread and the book Visions of Sugarplums by Janet Evanovich (for me, of course!)
That is love right there: chocolate, quilting thread, and a Stephanie Plum book!!

I guess I should get out of here and go sew some more. Maybe I can get the front and back of a bag pieced before we lie down for a nap!


  1. That sure is a great gift! I love a just because thing. Books are great. Mine would never pick one up unless he knew the exact title I wanted. Even then might be rough, he picks them up for Jakob though. I will pray you get what has to be done done--- Mekenzei is sick today so I have yet to get any sewing done. :-(

  2. Those slippers look great. You must really love to sew, you seem so busy. How do you do that with the lil ones?

  3. I just found you on Etsy. I'm that other Clinton,TN person on Etsy with you.

    I remember 3 AM feedings and little ones....I couldn't do anything with little ones, but take care of little ones. I bow in your general direction.

  4. I hope your week flows smoothly amid the nursing and blocks and yarns, etc. You're doing things that so many moms would be totally jealous of. You're a lucky gal! Stay healthy and enjoy a blessed holiday with the family!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Where in TN are you? My hubby is from Oak Ridge, but his family lives in Knoxville and Clinton now.

    YAH for sewing time!! I'm off work tomorrow and will be doing the same thing!

    I like Tony's name....but my is with an i :)