Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yo-yo's, mini-bags and stir crazy

Today was one of those days. I didn't even get dressed. Hannah fussed in her sleep all night last night, and squirmed and wanted to nurse for 2 minutes, then fussed and squirmed some more. Jeremiah had a bad dream about 4:30, got in bed with us and cried, squirmed and kicked his legs til about 7. I was ready to have a nervous breakdown before the sun was up. *sigh* Tony took Hannah for me at 9 and let me sleep til 11, which was ALMOST enough sleep.

I had started working on some yo-yo ornaments last night and got the yo-yo's finished this morning. Need to get some lace and ribbon to finish them, and when I do I'll post a pictorial on how I make them. They are pretty neat, and aside from the use of a glue gun would be a great project for kids. I'm making 10 ornaments so I made 20 yo-yo's and hotglued an antique button in the center of each over the seam.

I finished the two "mini-bags" I've been working on. "Little Hippy Sock Knitting Bag" is what I'm going with. They are just like my regular batik quilted bags only they are 7 1/2"x 8" and have a long, thin pocket on the inside for a set of DPNs as well as a regular pocket on the inside (for a pattern, maybe?) and a pocket on the outside for a cell phone or something (short pair of scissors?). I am going to try to get at least one of them listed on etsy tomorrow. Since they are smaller I was going to charge less, but with all the pockets and stuff they are just as much work as the larger bags! Have to think on this some more.

I am stir crazy tonight. Hannah has fussed and squirmed and not slept all day. Jeremiah has made every high-pitched repeatative noise he can think of today. If I hold Hannah, she's happy. If I set her down, she cries, screams, spits, raspberries unhappily. I'm amazed I got the bags done at all because I worked on them 3 minutes at a time, all day long. Which means I got nothing else done around my house. Did I mention I didn't get dressed? I am such a slob. I called Tony when he got off at 10:30 and told him I didn't think I could stand another MINUTE of any type of child or child noise or I was going to go insane. I told him I needed SOMETHING chocolate and it would be better for him if he brought some home. Otherwise I was going to go to walmart, by myself. He got home at 11:30 but he brought so much junk food you'd think we had the munchees. He brought me the biggest Mr Goodbar I've ever seen, along with chocolate doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, corn chips, iced oatmeal cookies, a pecan pie and a can of mountain dew. I love him, he cannot be sent to the store for a snack. So now I can be chubby and a slob, LOL!

Tomorrow, I hope I have more patience. I want to spend more time WITH my kids instead of being annoyed by them. I want to read to Jeremiah instead of telling him to go play quietly in his room. But please, Lord, can I PLEASE get a good night's sleep first?

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