Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Handspun yarn!

I got my weird and ugly fabric for the challenge on the N2Quilting yahoo list I'm on and I just LOVE it. I have something "un-quilty" in mind to do with it, but not until after Christmas! I have too much to do until then, although as I type this I am looking at it and it is calling to me, begging to be cut up and played with. I don't know if I'll be able to resist.

I did get a little bit of sewing done yesterday. I am making some quilted bags for the little girls on my list and I got the fronts and backs pieced for all three bags, just need to quilt them and make the lining and straps. I probably could have gotten more done but Mom and the kids came over last night and she brought a 4oz batt to spin into yarn, along with her drop spindle. I got a wild notion that I wanted to try it and ended up spinning all but about 10 feet of the yarn!

I am pretty proud of it, even if it's pretty bad, LoL!
It looked alright last night before we soaked and hung it. It is still wet this morning but looks like it has less twist to the yarn and is slightly fuzzier than might be desired. Knit on bigger needles it'll look pretty cool though.

Mom had these codswold (sp?) locks, big long curly chunks of sheep hair she'd dyed very black that she wanted spun here and there into the yarn, sticking out a little bit. I put 6-8 pieces in there but this morning it looks like they all came out of the twist whist it hung overnight. Don't know what we're going to do about that. Maybe just be gentle and knit them into whatever she knits with it.

I also worked a little on a hat for my niece Maisie to go with the scarf I knitted for her on Sunday (another Christmas present). I got about 2 1/2" done and ran out of yarn! Double crap! That yarn was on sale and there wasn't any more at that store, so I'll have to try a couple others this week. Otherwise maybe she gets a headband and scarf for Christmas, LOL!

I am very disheartened about the way our elections turned out, and that is making me depressed and tired feeling. It's not an issue of race, I don't know why so many people made it out to be that. Hurray for a black president, it doesn't bother me at all. The thing that bothers me is the man. I don't think Obama will make a good president. I think he's too inexperienced and I think he's a little anti-American what with saying we don't actually need an army, wanting to pull funding from our National Guard and such.

I am accepting of other's religions to but this country was founded on Christianity and as such we've always been sworn in to anything on the Bible. Every senator, congressman, president, witness under oat, etc, they all place their hands on the Bible. Obama refused to do this and chose the Koran! But he says he's not Muslim--what is this then? If he's Muslim, okay, but don't lie about it, you know? Believe what you believe and stand for that instead of changing to get votes. *sigh* I will be in prayer for our country.


  1. Bravo on your GORGEOUS, luscious 1stspun yarn and on your tenacity to spin it all up! Beautiful! Great job!

  2. Congrats on the yarn that is pretty cool.
    I agree on the Obama thing. It seems foolish to even vote if it doesn't matter anyway. I worry about his desire to silence pastors, rights to just kill innocent children. Just amazes me. My 9 year old daughter is already asking if she can write to the President to be to change his mind on putting a law into affect to allow young children to legally make that decision on their own, without parental consent. So sad that a child can see it, but many adults are so blinded! Anyway I agree with you, we need to Pray. Maybe this is God waking all of us Conservative Christians up and force us on our knees to pray to him and be free, like so many times they had to do in the Bible.

  3. Congratulations on your yarn, Des. I spin like that and have been told that if I spin enough the yarn will become smooth and fine and it will be really hard to get those slubs back in. Seems daft, doesnt it? I love the slubby stuff.