Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Honor bag newly listed

I was attempting to finish those last few churn dash blocks today and found a batik bag I had started on last week laying on my ironing board, burried under already completed churn dash blocks. It needed about 10 minutes worth of work to finish it, so I did and listed it on etsy this afternoon.

It's not anything particularly fancy, but I really like the button. It looks like an old world-type, or family crest with banner, lions and the word HONOR across the bottom.

My daughter is particularly unhappy tonight, since she has replaced naps with simply being put to sleep 10 times a day. Not good for her or me, or her brother who can't figure out why mama has such a short fuse. My younger sister is spending the night until Halloween and she is a good help playing with him, albeit a noisy one.

I tried to sew some tonight for 4 minutes, during which Hannah started crying and my tension messed up so badly I'm not sure I can fix it. Sheesh.

I'm having a housefull of people on Friday, sort of an impromptu Halloween party although that's not what I set out for. I'm pretty much against Christians participating in Halloween whatsoever. I did a lot of research on the origins of it (and druidism) in highschool and decided I couldn't personally see how any part of this day that celebrates satan would be okay for Christians. But alas, I am a hypocrite. We decided to hand out candy last year since there are 3 million kids in our apt complex, and Jeremiah was really excited about it so Tony said he's allowed to go trick-or-treating this year. Since he already has several costumes (Darth Vader, pirate, handyman) I didn't have to buy a costume! But, I am still having 13 extra people over on Friday night!!!

When I'm stressed, it makes me feel better to clean. So in a frenzy I got my kitchen cleaned. Alright, Hannah started crying so I only got half of it cleaned. Actually, I just got one counter and the stove cleaned before I had to take her. I do feel a little better though.
Now if only the sewing machine fairy would bippity-boppity-boo my tension correct!


  1. The Sewing Machine Fairy will be over on Friday night. You will not spot her in the crowd. Not that it would matter; you would not recognize her anyway because she will be dressed like Alice Cooper. Beware.

  2. Your bags are fantastic. I love your designs and colors. You've made me want to start quilting again. Keep up the terrific work you are doing. And on a personal son is a National Guard Chaplain in training (Christian). I truly believe Obama's election saved his life. The other guy would keep this war going and I don't want to lose my son. He has too much Christian work to do to be killed over there in the desert where we are not wanted. Just my 2 bits...God Bless You and your family!