Saturday, October 11, 2008

Victory is MINE...sorta

"Victory is mine!" I say like Stewie from Family Guy. The Bible tells us that we, in Christ, have victory and favor and though usually we believe the lies of the devil and it doesn't feel like it, today I have accomplished a small victory but a victory nonetheless.

This morning not only did I manage to shower and vacuum, despite the fact that my hubby was at a men's prayer breakfast at church, I also finished putting together all the sets of blocks I had cut out for my civil war repros swaps! I have all 10 sets of Friendship Stars finished and pressed and 6 sets of Churn Dashes finished and pressed. That means I need only to cut out and make 4 more sets of Churn Dashes, a measely 20 blocks. It is my intention to make 2 more sets of stars, but the deadline isn't until the 31st so I have time and if I don't get to them, they were just to stash anyway.

The past couple days there has been a lot of needless drama on the N2Quilting list I am a moderator on. People not acting like adults, playing fairly, needlessly taking offense at pointless things and making assumptions. Blah, blah, blah, so much trouble. The good thing is in an effort to move on, list participation and conversation is WAY up. Trying to decide on swaps to finish out this year and next. We'll see if SWAP participation matches the conversation. Would be ashamed to have all these lovely swaps and only have a couple people send in for them.

Still haven't made any new purses. I'd like to now that I have the majority of my quilt blocks done and don't have little cut out bits everywhere. I'm thinking of making some batik potholders like my bags, but we'll see.

I am suddenly so very tired. It is if I quite literally ran out of steam. For some reason my body hurts all over too, which doesn't help my being tired any. Tony is off to work soon and hopefully the kids and I will get a nap. I think maybe the rest of the day I will sit around with them and maybe knit. I attempted to knit a pair of slipper socks for one of my nieces but they are too big. They fit Jeremiah around although they are a little short. I think I will finish the second sock that is on my needles and stick them back for an angel tree kid for Christmas. We do about 10 kids off the angel tree every year, and if I look for one a little younger than Jeremiah who wears about a size 8 shoe the slippers should fit perfectly.

Since I feel weary right now, both in body and spirit it seems, I will include what I hope will be a couple encouraging scriptures from the Word--encouraging to both me and whomever might stumble on this blog today.

Jeremiah 31:25 tells us, "For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing."
and Matthew 11:28 says, "Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. "

Allow the Lord to ease any burden you might be feeling, sometimes we hold on to problems we face, dwelling on them and keeping the pain close to us. Ask and trust Him to give rest and peace to you today. And He will!

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  1. I was nice I did not list the group on my blog regarding people and their conversations/hurt feelings etc. LOL
    As for your bible verses I love it. I thought of Isaiah 40:31 as I read yours. The soar on wings like Eagles verse.. Also Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Hope your week full of productivity and rest. Jenn