Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary, and we've pretty much done nothing all day. Tony took Jeremiah over to my aunt and uncle's to work on our bed frame somemore. Hannah and I stayed home making a pot roast and having a bit of a nap.

My present to Tony was a set of hot pink satin sheets for our new king sized bed. He loves satin, he loves pink, LoL! I put them on the bed this afternoon while he was out and it's perfectly tacky looking with a giant red, fake fur, heartshaped pillow Jeremiah got me for my birthday. Looks very comfy!

Tony's gift to me was a bookcase!!! Finally! He said I'd only been asking for 4 years, so he figured it was time, LoL! I LOVE it. I've spent the day digging through closets looking for boxes of books and unpacking them. Then I put them in the shelves, then I rearranged them. Then I ran out of room and messed up my catagories but I guess not everything has to be organized to the slightest speck. Right? Hmmm...

I didn't get any sewing done, I knew I wouldn't. However I did tea-dye 3 pieces of white on white fabric I need for this civil war block swap I'm hosting. The blocks call for white on cream backgrounds, but I couldn't find any the other day that I liked so I bought WoW fabrics, now tea dyed they are WoC's! I also got that baby hat I was knitting finished last night and a giant pompom added to it this afternoon. It is GREAT! I tried it on Hannah since she's the same age as the baby I knit it for and took pictures.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids up to Mom's. Might take some fabric and borrow her machine. Or, some yarn and knit Hannah some booties. Our weather is finally changing and her toes are cold. Gotta get out of here. My "men" will be returning momentarily from a Sonic run for milkshakes and I've gotta change the baby!

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