Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank God for leaky toilets!

Yes, the title says it all. I should mention we live in an appartment and the single greatest thing about it is whenever anything breaks, big or small, you call the office and one of the maintenance guys fixes it! Yesterday Tony discovered the toilet in our master-bath was leaking. The masterbath, which one must not only traverse my living room but also my hallway and bedroom to get to.

My living room strewn with children's toys and various burp rags/blankets/old shirts in the state of being burped on.
My hallway with a pile of laundry.
My room with the bed unmade, a pile of Tony's clothes in the walkway to the bathroom and mountains of baby clothes needding to be sorted and boxed up or put away.
My bathroom with the laundry hamper full, the sink, floor and toilet needing to be thuroughly cleaned.... ahh yes, just call the office so some stranger can come journey through my mess.

No, I would not! So between yesterday noon and today I vacuumed the living room, hallway and my room. Did 3 (maybe 4) loads of laundry, folded 5. Boxed up 2 boxes of outgrown Hannah clothes and resorted her chest of drawers. I cleaned my toilet and sink. I swept and mopped my bathroom and kitchen. I started work on 2 more batik bags and I finished my oriental/Christmas themed one and listed it on etsy. I even managed to take a shower!

I'm exhausted, I'm slightly befuddled like I can't remember dh is trying to get in the shower so I start the dishwasher. Oops. All this brings me to:

New bags!
Inspired by the movie "A Christmas Story" I created a bag made from a fusion of quirky asian fabrics and sparkling Christmas fabrics. The idea was great, it was tremendous and I didn't think it would work, but it does! So I present the "Fa-ra-ra ra-ra" bag! I'm pretty excited about it...

Next I have the previously mentioned bag made from civil war repros. I've named it "War is NOT Civil" and will be listing it in the morning when I get back from the Dr with Hannah. I'm pretty in to civil war repros right now. I always used to think they were boring, but since I've had an eye out for them with a king sized quilt in mind, all kinds of possibilities have opened up.

For now I think I'm done with "themed" bags (orange, purple, cw repro, asian/Christmas, fun and brights) and I'm going back to my regular, ol' scrappy batik bags. They really are my favorites...there is something so hippy and off the beaten path to them. I have 2 more in the works as I type, hopefully I can finish them tomorrow and list them over the weekend. Along with praying for more sales, I am stubbornly making more merchandise again. One of the batik ones I'm working on is going to have a Claddagh button. Pretty neat!

Is it sad when a person is this excited over new buttons?

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  1. beautiful bags! I wish I carried them, but just have my dayplanner, it fits my life and phone. I love the idea of CW prints in brown though, so maybe one day. OH MY GOSH your house sounds like mine. I will have my days of cleaning like that, then everyone will have destroyed my effort in a day maybe less at times. Gets frustrating huh? Glad to see there is someone on earth like me. My husband used to pride himself on my housecleaning and being Super Woman. It is a hard act to always accomplish!