Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is it procrastingating if you just don't care?

I am so tired my sight is actually blurry.
Hannah cried in her sleep all night long, I guess her ears are still hurting her. My mother in law Cheryl suddenly got a bee up her butt about have the grandkids pictures taken for Christmas and while we're at it, a family portraight. I think it's a great idea too!

She got Hannah and our neice Aubree sort of matching outfits in red, white and black and plaid...then decided we should all wear those colors. Tony and I had black pants each but no shirts, and Jeremiah didn't have anything that color. So Cheryl came by and picked me and the kids up so we could go to Penny's. We got me a bright red blouse, Tony a gorgeous black dress shirt and hot pink tie (which Cheryl says he is NOT allowed to wear for the pictures!) and Jeremiah an adorable set of black pants, red shirt, grey vest and tie.

Met Tony and went to the local chinese place for dinner, then we had to hit Walmart for some black shoes for J and some tights for Aubree. I forgot to get Tony a picture-appropriate tie.

I did however get some more iron-on appliques for my bags. I got a few buttons last week when JoAnn's had them on sale, and my aunt says she had a box of buttons from my great grandmother I can look through. Buttons from the 30s, 40s, etc...awesome, I'll be able to add a "vintage" tag to my etsy listings! A generous fellow quilter also sent me an 1/8th yard of a wonderfully ugly green lobster batik I can use in a bag sometime. Yesterday I pulled a bunch of fabric scraps to make two non-batik, themed bags. Now to sit down and make them. *sigh*

My sister Veronica asked me to make a smallish bag from bright colors for her friend's birthday, which she filled full of nail polish and stuff. Mom tells me it was a major hit and several of the other Moms were asking about my bags. Maybe I'll get some sales. Either way, I think it might be a good idea to make a couple that size and list them anyway.

Tomorrow we have church, then a trip to Sam's Club for meat, then pictures at 3:30pm. Probably won't get any sewing done then either. But I might get some downtime! Nah...

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  1. I will pray your daughter has quick healing. Good on the possible sells. I will pray you get as many as you can possibly do.
    I hope you get some rest and feel renewed.