Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing Doing

So I have been talking about churn dash blocks for my swap a lot. Of course, between the two swaps I'm doing 100 blocks, so that's a lot of blocks to talk about. For the last week or so I've only needed to do 4 more sets of churn dash blocks and I am procrastinating like all get out. Got one of those sets done a couple days ago. Got one done today. Ran out of bobbin thread. Darn it, now I can't finish my blocks! Could wind some more bobbins, but .... I forgot where I was going with that.

I'm still in that kind of blah mood I've had. It's keeping me from being very productive. Although, I am sometimes more productive in a day than some people are in a week. I get it from my Mom. Today was not one of those days. I made dinner, vacuumed the floor, bathed the baby. That's about it. Oh, I did soak and peel the labels off of 12 beer bottles, load the dishwasher and do a load of laundry. Not sure the beer bottles count as actually being productive. There was a reason for it though: we're saving cans to recycle (figure we can put the change we get for them in the kids' piggy banks) and I figured, might as well recycle the glass from the bottles too. Then I thought maybe the recycling center wouldn't take the bottles with labels on them. *shrugs* How do I know? I've not recylced anything since I was 8 and Dad used to take cans to Matt's Recycling Center and his chain-smoking wife would give me a Dum-Dum lolli. Matt's wife, by the way, not Dad's. So now my bottles are labelless and ready to be taken. Feel pretty good about myself for "going green" in that direction... might have to have a beer to celebrate. Nah.

Did get a pair of booties knitted (knit?) for my goddaughter Lily. Think I'll make her a matching boggin hat, although Mom gave her a Frog hat for her birthday in August. Maybe she doesn't need a hat afterall. I need to knit my niece Aubree a hat, knit Hannah another one, and make my uncle a quilt for Christmas. I saw a sign the other day that said "19 days until..." something I misread and panicked. Thought Christmas had sneaked up on me somehow. Got over the initial panic, realized it's 2 months away, and went back to procrastinating.

My husband will be home in 15 minutes. We're going to town in the morning and I'm going to vote while he does something with an old Chevy truck he has parked at a friend's house. Let him stand in line on the 4th, HA! Right now I'm making Jeremiah pick up all the diapers he slung all over the floor--clean ones, don't worry. Wonder if I should go jump in the shower or wind a bobbin.

Tough decision, might just have to have a cookie.

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