Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm so frazzled

I'm so frazzled I probably glow in the dark. Wait, that doesn't make any sense...does it? See what I mean?

I can't exactly put my finger on why, I think it's just an overwhelming feeling that's been building for a couple days. I love my husband, I LOVE when he finally gets a day off, I love, love spending time with him and the kids. However, when he is off it always seems like so much work for me. We run, or we're home and we do stuff. I don't get to normal stuff I usually do around the house and I definitely don't get to any extra creative stuff I want to.

Tony went back to work today so we got up and went grocery shopping as usual, then home to put them up, change/feed the baby then the kids and I headed out to Mom's. She was having a yard sale and I deactivated a few listings for my bags so I could hang them off the shoulder of a dress dummy in her front yard, LOL! Thought I could get some sewing done while I was there, but only got about 15 minutes of "cutting" done then I had to go to walmart.

I took my 13yr old sister, my 3 yr old son, my 18mo old sister and my 3mo old daughter with me. Hannah and Beverly cried all 4 miles to Walmart so I got to walk around holding Hannah instead of her riding in her stroller. Betsy fell asleep in the cart, sitting straight up holding a skein of yarn, Hannah slept 20mins while we walked around. Got back to Mom's with just enough time to nurse/change the baby so we could all leave to head to my house while my 10yr old sister had a church activity to go to. It's 45 minutes from Mom's house to mine.

Hannah and Beverly screamed until we were quite literally 2 minutes from my door. Jeremiah fell asleep after crying for a few minutes because our little cousin (who is not so suddenly mean, spoiled and selfish) ripped his brand new "Captain Jack (Sparrow) for President" pin out of his shirt (leaving a huge hole) and lost it. *sigh* What do you do?

Got home, made dinner whilst Hannah cried and threw up, and Beverly got into things. I thought the night culminated in just as they were getting ready to leave, Hannah projectile vomited all over me (after B nearly hit her with 8 books pulled out of my new bookcase) and then blew raspberries at me spraying barf all over my face. I sat right down on the floor and cried. Mom, whose day hasn't been any better and was equally overwhelmed but also passing a kidney stone, got me a damp rag to whipe up with.

They left and Hannah and I took a shower. I nursed her to sleep and thought maybe the night would get better until I discovered Mom took my cell phone (only phone) home with her. And Jeremiah just pee'd on himself trying to go potty.

I am going to ignore the utter and total chaos my house is in right now, the loud tv, the quilting deadline looming in front of me and knit Hannah a pair of booties. So there.


  1. Wow you sound so much like me. So hard to be a mom huh? Really rewarding too. I still have those days, more then I would like I fear. Keep writing, it does help. I think so anyway.
    Here is to hoping you have a brighter day tomorrow and a peaceful nights rest.

  2. Precisely the right solution, darling. Why do you think Mom has had so many creative outlets over the years? Only thing that has kept me sane, through 7 babies and kidney stones...

    Knit away, nurse the baby. The mess will wait.