Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If only my head would explode

I would probably feel better. I woke up with a slight headache today that has gotten worse and worse as the day has drawn on. I've tried Excederin, I've tried caffiene...didn't get to try a nap, that might have helped. Hannah is still not hardly sleeping, and only sleeping for a few minutes when she does. We got her some antibiotics today so hopefully in a couple days her poor little ear will feel better and both of us will get some sleep.

Still borrowing Diantha. My house is looking better, because of it I think. I cleaned up the living room and vacuumed today while she played with Hannah for me. Got the dishwasher unloaded and loaded and the counters clean too. Managed to make a halfway decent dinner of enchiladas, although in the middle of fixing it I realized I didn't buy sour cream or mexican rice to have with it like we usually do. Oh well.

Sold another bag today! I'm so thrilled! We're using the little bit of money I've been making off bags to Christmas shop, and I'm glad to have the money to do that with. Tony works so hard for everything we have and even though I have the major job of keeping house and children, it makes me feel good to make a little money of my own on the side. Even though we always use "my" money for "our" stuff, I am alright with that. I makes me feel like I help or contribute a little as well since Tony never refers to the money he brings home each week as "his." Any money either of us make has been, since we started going out, ours. We're a joint effort, our relationship, our money, everything.

I also made two little bags tonight. My sister Veronica asked me to make one for her friend Keely, who is turning 10 or is 10...for her birthday. She said she likes pink, purple and girly things. I made a bag out of regular quilting fabric scraps and decided it might be too small for a 10 yr old, it's about the size of a trade paperback. So I made a slightly bigger one. I'll let the girls pick which one they should give Keely and the other I'll list on etsy, or if I'm left with the smaller one we'll give it to our littlest niece for Christmas. I was going to make her a little bity bag anyway.

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  1. Congrats on another sale. I really should list my quilts and Tag A longs. I have a bunch sitting in a suit case right now from the Craft Show. My head is feeling better. Just need to remember not to get so worked up. I pinned/basted a quilt this afternoon and now my back hurts. Figures huh. Funny thing it is just an oversized baby quilt.