Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A sort of quilty week, so far

I'm actually getting to work on some sewing a little at a time thisweek! I've managed to get 6 sets of friendship stars done (this week, already had 2 done) for the civil war repros swap, 2 more cutout and another set of churn dashes cut out. I hope to get the HSTs sewn and pressed tonight so they can be squared up and assembled tomorrow.

My housework is lacking a little, but I figure we all have to make sacrifices! I think while I'm at making these quilt blocks I'm going to make a couple sets extra and save them for a future secret pal gift. Since I'm hosting the swap, I can make any number of extra blocks I choose, not just sets of 5. So I'm thinking maybe make 12 extra blocks. They are 9.5" blocks and someday I can send them with some civil war repro fabric for sashing and cornerstones and it will make one great secret pal gift. Would to me anyway.

I made the "mistake" of taking my beloved husband to the fabricstore with me on Sunday. All I needed was pieces of WoC fabrics totalling 2 1/3 yds to finish all my civil war blocks. While I looked for them, Tony pushed Hannah around in her stroller while Jeremiah roamed and Tony game up with about 15 flannels he wanted for me to make Hannah a shaggy quilt! Of course, I only bought 1/4yd cuts of these because the quilt only needs be twin sized, but still! What alot of work in my very near future, LoL!!

I should explain that my very large, hairy, manly, bear of a husband just about thinks the world should be extra padded, and covered with either flannel, satin or t-shirt knit. He lovdes double-padded squishy carpets, satin sheets and "his" flannel shaggy. I need to add 22, 8" finished flannel blocks to that as it is, because it is queen sized and now our bed is king sized. Our shaggy was the product of several rounds of the flannel squares swap we used to do, all plaid. Jeremiah has a crib sized, plaid flannel shaggy as well--to match Daddy's of course! We asked him i f he wanted his added on to so it would fit his twin bed and he said no, it's the size to snuggle on the couch. Whew!

I knit Hannah a pair of slipper socks/booties that ended up being HUGE on her so I gave them to Betsy Boo tonight. She grinned and grinned; she LOVES knitted things.

I started my "newborn" on babyfood this week! Hard to believe she will be 6mo old on Friday!!!Boy does she love this food thing, LoL! Had been begging and yelling if we sat at the table without her for months already. She'd been throwing up after nursing, so I tried giving her some sweet tea. I figured the anti-nausea syrup is basically sugar anyway, and the caffiene in tea has never bothered Jeremiah. It doesn't seem to bother her either, she LOVES it. I keep having these Southern babies who are all about sweet tea, biscuits and gravy...and football.

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