Monday, October 13, 2008

1-800-Borrowa-Kid and New Bags!

I have a sort of "borrow a kid" program with my Mom. I suppose it's yet another perk of being the oldest of 7; need help? borrow a kid! Hannah has been working on an ear infection and although her Dr tells us it isn't full-blown yet, it's enough to make her miserable so I've been spending about 20 hours a day (seriously) holding or nursing, or both, the baby.

So I borrowed my sister Diantha last evening. She spent the night and today has alternated helping either laundry or walking Hannah around for me. With her help my dishwasher has been run, 2 loads of my laundry has been put up, all the kids laundry (3 large loads) has been sorted. Now I just need to match up their clothes into outfits and all that can be put up.
I also managed to make dinner, finish quilting a purple bag, entirely make an orange one and list them on etsy and give Jeremiah a shower. I have not, however managed to get "dressed" although I have changed my clothes a couple times cause Hannah has thrown up on me. I guess I'll take a shower.

When I write it out, it seems like a productive day. So why is my house utterly trashed in every room, and it looks like I've done absolutely nothing?

Mom and Diantha were my inspirations for my two new bags. Mom's main color is PURPLE, purple everything--even hair aand glasses. Diantha's is ORANGE; she says it's the best color in the world! So there, my tribute to them, be it ever so small and for sale, LoL!!

Oh, I did sell a bag this morning! I am so excited because it had been a few weeks since I'd had a sale and was getting very discouraged. I think that's why I started working on that purple one the other day, it's kind of like an obstinent sort of faith. The Bible says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. So in faith I began to work on more bags, even though I hadn't sold any in a while and a day later I had a sale. Neat, huh?! Now if I could just sell all the other bags and the quilt I have listed I could pay for the rest of our Christmas shopping, LoL!

My internet is crawling along tonight making my angry. I need to get up and do something else to make my house look better since my husband will be home in half an hour, but now Hannah is asleep on me and the poor baby hasn't had more 20 minutes of sleep in the last 11 hours. Guess I'll just sit here; good thing I borrowed a kid!

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  1. That is the best idea ever! I love it. I wish I had one to borrow. Great news on the sell of your bag. Pretty cool! I know how you feel as I have a ton of quilts made and no sells yet either. I have not decided if I will list them on my ETSY, I just opened my account a few months ago. I had been selling on Ebay, but it costs a fortune. Will see. I will pray for Hannah to get well and that your house comes to order. Mine is crazily a mess too!