Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect tatertots

I am a great big, moping through life, not getting much done blob today--this week! This getting really terrible night's sleep is starting to wear on me. I am usually a get and and get stuff done, quickly, type of person. I thank my mother for it (I think my hubby blames it on my mother, LOL!) Seriously, Tony usually makes fun of me for my love of vacuuming. I have managed (in the last 18 months) to suck the nap off our carpet in certain high-traffic areas. I think all carpets should have those nice, freshly vacuumed lines in them. It makes the house feel peaceful. Right now it's been a week since I vacuumed. *sigh*

I did get a bag done from civil war repros! I cannot list it on etsy, or post a picture here, because Mom stole my digital camera Thursday night and I just realized it. Anyway, the bag is great. I love it, can't wait to list it so other people can see it. I guess I will work on the other one themed one I want to make and list them at the same time on Wed--if she brings my camera back.

Or I could finish cleaning my living room and kitchen, and do Jeremiah's bathroom. The boy can trash a bathroom in a day! How? Hannah is up now, thank God I got dinner in the oven already. I made a cheeseburger casserole topped with tater-tots, very gourmet.

At least my tatertots are arranged in a perfect bullseye.

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  1. Oh i can't wait to see the bag with the cw prints!!! You are absolutely hilarious. Bullseye of TatorTots huh?
    LOL, too cute. I just made chocolate chip cookies last night. You would have thought I made Thanksgiving Dinner or something. Hope Hannah is feeling better.