Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where have I been?

I have been down with the flu, though down is a realitive term. Last Saturday I can down with a staggering case of the flu and before you ask no, I don't know if it's the swine flu because I never bothered to ask anyone, okay? Anyway so I've had the flu and Jeremiah has had a cough and nasty nose and Monday and Tuesday nights Hannah decided to run a fever and be awake for all but 3 hours both nights so even though I was beginning to feel better on Monday afternoon no sleep killed that and now it's Thursday and I'm finally starting to recover.

In the midst of that I suddenly realized that "the craft show" that I am participating in as a member of the Knoxville Etsy street team is THIS weekend and did I make those Learning Purses (like I made for my sister Beverly for her birthday) that I wanted to take? No... so Tuesday night my sister Diantha spent the night and helped me cut out and quilt the fronts and backs for 4 of them and finished one but since I was dying that's about all I got done because then I ran out of velcro. Today I ran to JoAnn's to pick up some more velcro and gromets and have finished the other 3 and listed them in my etsy shop. To save myself and you from a majorly long blog post I will just let you visit the shop and see my spiel there. Let me just say that they are totally cute and very educational, LoL!

Remember Tony's war with the birds and the nest filling our grill? Last night my brother Artemas, curious beyond what he was able to bear, opened the grill and this is what we found. There had been 3 eggs in there when I took the pictures last time and from all the noise and cheeping from under there we thought maybe there were more but were suprised to discover 5 baby birds, already looking quite large and fluffy and very hungry. Tony growled.
In that spirit he began to help Jeremiah put together the birdhouse kit my Dad got him at Home Depot's kid workshop thing yesterday. Jeremiah has been so excited about this he hasn't quit bugging Tony about it since last night! Hannah had to get in on the action too, banging away at things with a little plastic hammer. So there was my family, Jeremiah in Cars underoos and Hannah in a Cars shirt helping Daddy build a birdhouse when he is feeling not so charitable towards our fine feathered friends. At least they had agood time!

And speaking of good time! Tony and Artemas took Jeremiah fishing this morning while Hannah and I went to the fabric store. When we were done we drove over and met up with them. Jeremiah was standing there, grinning, holding his fishing poll. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "This is part of fishin', Mama." He didn't catch anything but he had fun anyway.


  1. I am sorry you have been sick and glad you are feeling better. Glad you updated on the chicks too. I had been wondering. Great pic of Jeremiah doing this part of fishing.

  2. Des, your babies are adorable!! I haven't seen pictures in so long, so happy to find your blog. I'll be heading over now to add you to my favorite blogs list, so I can keep up. :o)

    Best of luck at the craft show! I'm sure you'll do great!