Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creative Stretching

Every once in a while I get a change to stretch my creativity, think outside my box as it were. Only usually there isn't a lot outside my box, I'm pretty comfortable trying anything. When I got a request to do a purse in a totally different manner than my normal "formula" I was a little nervous! So today I made a "prototype," trying out the new direction. I am really happy with what I came up with!!! It still needs one or two little adjustments to get it where it needs to go but for a first attempt I am fantastically happy with it!

We let Jeremiah play some games last summer at a Chuck-E-Cheese type thing in Pigeon Forge and one of the little cheapy "prizes" he received was a white, plastic set of vampire fangs. They have been an almost constant source of entertainment since then. Hannah discovered them this week and she LOVES them. She brings them to me several times a day to put them in her mouth and then she wears them until they start to make her drool a lot. Then she spits them out and brings them to me to start all over again. This morning while she was wearing them Tony growled at her playfully and now she thinks she needs to growl too. So my baby is running around with vampire fangs and growling. Totally not normal, but oh so funny and endearing!!

My darling husband is cleaning house for me. First the kids rooms, then the living room and now he's moved on to the mountainous pile of laundry we had. He wants something, I am sure. But I am loving the help and feeling like I bum while I've sat on my bum and watched Bones and now blog. My friend said it's good for them to do housework, LOL! I really appreciate the help! Guess I'll let him go fishing tomorrow after all....


  1. Baby Vamp, how kewl! Love that Bones and the purse/bag looks quite loverly.

  2. I love the bag and the colors you used! Vampire baby girl (be careful you may be starting a trend with her)LOL She is too cute even with them fangs! huggs Marion (I say he can't want anything to drastic let him clean!)

  3. LMAO!! Hannah's Great!! the bag's cool! Bones last night so Awesome! can Not miss next weeks.