Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy day

We've had a pretty lazy day today. Tony took me (and our kids), my Mom and his Mom out to "brunch" as Wild Wings for some hot wings this morning. Then he and I and the kids came over to Mom's house to hang out. A couple days ago a terrible storm split one of their trees in half and so today Tony decided to take a chainsaw to the problem. I have come down with a summer cold/flu and I feel terrible but Mom and I sat around in the yarn surrounded by many and various kiddos and watched my hubby do manly, lumberjack type things.

Once he had finished we pulled out some logs/branches that would make wonderful spindles, buttons and rings for me to use in my purses. I got to play with my Dad's "chop saw" for about an hour, slicing branches that were about 1.5" into a scant 1/4" slices and then with the drill which I used to drill two or four holes in the disks.

Tony played with another log, branch and the power tools and made me a spindle. It still needs to be sanded--along with the buttons--but I think it'll work pretty well! He thought it needed more design so he drilled little holes all over the whorl. When we get home I am going to stick my buttons in my food dehydrator to dry them out quickly so I can sand and seal them.

Mom got me a bottle of Jagermeister--she said "Cough syrup" and a couple little nips did make me feel better for a while. Probably I need to take some nyquil but it makes me terribly sleepy, even the day time formulas, and we are still needed to grocery shop. I think.

My Mother rarely, if ever, asks for anything for herself and when she does it's always something for other people to use too (like a DVD player or something.) She gives to people without ever expecting anything in return. So when we were at the fabric store on Friday and she mentioned that she would love a purse made out of some fabric she found, I couldn't say no. I pushed myself to finish it yesterday, hearing in my head a little voice of guilt saying "When you were 6 and your Mom had a 4 week old baby she stayed up all night making you a jeans jacket." So I got Mom's purse made, to her specifications: long (for toting diapers and knitting projects), with the gold faux button, snap closure and gold rings to attach the strap to the purse. I added a zippered pocket inside for her glasses/cell phone and padded the strap over the shoulder. Gotta love the dragon fabric, too cool! And it's big enough to carry her gun around in now that she's got her CCW permit! ;-D

My kids and hubby gave me (lunch out and also) a set of stacking drawer/bins for me to sort my purse making supplies in. I am SO excited! I really needed these! AND Tony cleaned out my stash closet, rearranging so I have more room and can even get another set of bins if I need!


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  2. you forgot Tony "I like chainsaws" Lol!
    and you have to admit you had fun to! Mom's bag is Awesome!!


  3. I was glad to read your post today, Des. I'd tried a couple of times and my computer crashed with them. They kept loading over and over. Today, I got in okay :) It made me happy. I love your creative ideas with the pear tree. It sounds like Tony's a natural with a saw and you're the same :) I also adore the bag you made for you Mom. You go, girl!! It's fab!

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