Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh well

I am playing catch up today, though I am doing a very bad job of it. I am so tired I have been having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I don't think I'm all the way over the flu, which I have apparently passed on to my Mom.

We did the craft show and sale this weekend as planned. I just about killed myself last week trying to finish up those 4 "learning purses" for it. We went Friday night to set up and arrived to meet Mom to find my baby sister Betsy was running a 102 degree fever--like Hannah had for 2 days earlier in the week. We took turns setting up and cuddling her and then we went back to Mom's house for dinner and to fill her full of motrin, again. The original plan was for Tony to watch the kids for me most of the time during both days but Friday afternoon work called and asked him to come in and work day shift Saturday. Since he had only worked 26hrs so far that week we were very glad they did!

Mom brought Diantha with her Saturday to help me be lion tamer and she was and did and I sold ONE handbag--one of the Learning Purses actually and Dida sold ONE skein of handspun yarn. Together we all sold about $30 worth of soap. So day 1 was a disappointment but we rallied back together Sunday morning. Tony was off and kept Jeremiah for me, Mom traded Diantha for Veronica and together we sold $30 more worth of soap. That's it. No yarn, no purses, no knit/felted itesms. Thankfully Mom made back the booth fee plus extra, but maybe not as much as she spent on food and table cloths for the weekend.

The good news is I finished knitting my cabeled Bella mittens from the pattern by Lily Knitting. The bad news is I can't share the pic cause my camera batteries died. Such is life, eh?

We have eaten a staggering amount of fast food and frozen pizza in the last week so tonight I am making white bean and chicken chili and trying to get my kitchen under control. If I manage that I hope to work on some sewing this evening. I need to make another prototype for a custom purse order but it's been so long since I did any "real" sewing I think I might work on the log cabin quilt I started for my friend. She got married this passed Saturday so I want to get her quilt finished soon. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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