Thursday, May 21, 2009

A busy day

Today was a very busy and productive day for me--and I didn't even leave the house! It started bright and early (for me) at about quarter after 8 when Hannah awoke and began to be a happy, ferocious monster. I discovered I had made 2 sales this morning, praise the Lord!! I was able to buy some labels I've been needing to get to put in my purses and transfer the rest into my checking. The Lord really is faithful to meet our needs!
I finished purse prototype#2 for a purse my Mom's friend wants me to make for her. I am pretty happy with the way it came out. I know a couple changes to make on the next one, and hopefully it will go more quickly! :)

I got that strips quilt top I was working on for fun finished yesterday all except ONE 2" wide strip of white on white fabric across the top--I RAN OUT. But I can get 1/8th yard at the fabric store this weekend. I know the white strips in the middle are rather wide but I have a plan for the actual quilting and I think it will look really cool!

I got a cooking bug this afternoon and made a meat loaf, a big pan of lasagna and scrambled/seasoned meat and onions for tonight's dinner which was taco salad. I have the next two nights' dinner done now except for sides which will be so nice and quick! Tony was laughing at me in a sort of "I'm so pleased with my Suzy homemaker wife" sort of way. He knows he's a lucky man. ;-)

After my cooking adventure (and I even did the dishes after myself!! NO MESS, ha!) I started working on a little batik tote bag that I've had in my head for a while and I figured Memorial Day was a good time to let it out. It's a simple version of the POW/MIA flag. The back is scrap-pieced red, white and blue batiks. I LOVE the way it came out! So cool! It zips shut across the top too.

My babies are bathed, my wonderful hubby brought me a Dr Pepper and I think I am going to go veg a little. Even with all the sewing and cooking I managed to keep the house pretty clean too, except for the 12 loads of laundry in the hallway LoL! I follow this blog called Color Me Katie, which is usually just really beautiful pictures of whatever taken by a NYC photographer. Today's post was called Happiness and was pictures of random things that make her happy.

Random things that make me happy:
Hannah wearing plastic vampire teeth.
Jeremiah telling me he missed me "more than I could ever beleeb!" yesterday.
the song Sharp Dressed Man by ZZtop
Baby knees
a good book

What are YOU happy about today?


  1. I am happy that the Lord made it so that we could also breathe through our mouths when our noses are stuffed up.

    And I am happy for sitting in the sun knitting today, even if I did have mayo in my hair.

    And seeing Betsy on the porch, clapping with glee when I came back from the store, made me VERY happy.

  2. The first bag in the picture is awsome and I adore that fabric!!! Would be a good bag for me as would go with almost anything. The quilt is looking wonderful, I cant wait to see how it comes out. As for that last bag OMG you are AWSOME!!! To say the least! Jaw Dropping how good you do (professinal) looking bag. Happy, today what makes me happy is a good friend who wrties beautiful blogs :) that would be you. A wonderful hubby, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, airconditioning, A healthy happy family, and last but not least in a bit A GOD who LOVES ME and I can worship openly!

  3. Great work DES! I am so happy to have a long weekend and that the kids are almost out of school. I miss them so MUCH!!