Friday, May 1, 2009

Log Cabin

I've been cutting strips for days. Actually I've been putting off cutting strips today, making myself a martyr about what should be a labor of love--a quilt for my dear friend's wedding. So today I decided to suck it up and cut the 36 strips and 16 squares I needed LOL! Yes, that is all... I've been whining about that! Probably I will need to cut more strips as I go but didn't want to cut extra. I cut the strips 2" and the squares for the centers 2.5" and will be making Log Cabin quilt blocks out of them. I am using all civil war repros in "sunflower" colors, or at least colors along those lines.

I got one of these blocks done today. It is rainy, dark and miserable today and although this is usually my type of weather today the gloom is making me slower moving than my children who have trashed my house while I knit (earlier) and cut out strips.

What I am knitting is a jumper or pinafore (take your pick) for my Darling Hannah (who puled it off the needles this morning) to wear this coming winter. I am working without a pattern and I assure you it will look much cuter once it is finished and I can model it on a body. I am knitting eyelets down each edge so that it will lace down the back and tie shut with a black velvet ribbon. The blue/purple/sparkly/black yarn at the bottom is handspun. One of those 100% charity yarns my sister Diantha has listed in her Etsy shop he solid black at the top is black merino spun by me and it looks like I need to spin a little more to do the straps. Awww, might have to spin something! I have decided to line the bottom when I am done with a black satiny lining just because that yarn is a little rough in some places, the merino I am not going to line because it is wonderful soft and I plan on putting this on her over a long sleeved onesie and tights anyway.


  1. I love Hannah's jumper dress and wish there was enough of that yarn to knit a car cover, or a dress for ME. LoL


  2. cute jumper and I love the Log Cabin.