Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hannah didn't sleep well last night. Neither did Jeremiah for that matter. Having gotten the short end of the stick on the sleep thing, today I am not my most productive. I spent a not-nearly-relaxing-enough 10 minutes at the sewing machine finishing up a purse I was playing with yesterday. Usually sewing is relaxing but when Hannah is yelling at me, not so much. : ) This was another expirement into pleated fabric purses. It is almost round. I kinda like it. Wish I went places where I could carry it but unfortunately Walmart, Kroger and the Post Office seem just a little plain for this beautiful red and orange purse I named "Alice."

The one quilty thing I've done today, with Jeremiah's help!, was to get out all my churn dash and friendship star blocks made from civil war repros. I participated in a block swap for both in recent history, making 50 blocks for each swap so I'd have enough to set the quilt 10 blocks by 10 blocks--making it king sized. I've rearranged them throughout the day, here and there. I actually had to stand inside the closet against the back wall to get the whole thing to fit into one picture. I am fairly satisfied with this arrangement of blocks/colors/whatnot but since I have no plans to take it down tonight it will probably get more tweaking. I might see if Tony wants to mess with it a little, he enjoys that. : )


  1. Oh I love it! I have some churn dashes still. Great idea.
    I might have to incorporate a couple other block styles since I only have 10 or so. I really need to get a quilt done for our bed. Thankfully mine is only queen though

  2. Beautiful! I love the churn dash block and have yet to make one!

  3. the Bag is Great! I Love the quilt!


  4. I love the layout on the quilt. The churn dashes look great with the friendship stars! Great Job.

    I really love the purse! Actually, the last two purses you've done are my favs, I think. Hard to choose, lol. But, I love the shape of these last two and the color choices are right up my alley!!

    As always, great work, Des!!