Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knitted Pinafore

I got a skein of handspun yarn from Fluff4Ewe off etsy. The proceeds were a 100% charity donation which I thought was nice and the yarn was such a beautiful color, mostly black and blue but with a periwinkle color with just a little gold in it. And a lot of glitz! The wrapper said it was 117 yards of mohair/rambouilet mix.

I though it would be so cute knitted up as a jumper/pinafore for my daughter for next winter. I didn't have a pattern so I cast on 100 stitches and decreased slightly (and evenly) as I felt like it. I knit eyelets evenly down both edges so that it could lace up the back with some black satin ribbon. When I ran out of that handspun I substituted black 100% merino that I spun to do the bodice and straps.

I think it will look great over some tights and a long sleeved onesie. The mixed fiber yarn was a little scratchy in places (the glitz added to that) but the merino is silky smooth. I thought of lining it with some posh lining fabric but messed that up so it's getting picked out. I tried it on Hannah this afternoon and it took quite a bit to get some decent pics, LoL! I tied it as tighky as it would go and it fits her now (she's 18 mo size), so by winter I will be able to loosen the ties and it will still fit her wonderfully! Wven though she tried it on with no clothing as a barrier between the wool and her skin it seemed to be fine, her skin wasn't irritated at all when I took it off and I am so glad! The last thin I wanted to do was knit her something she couldn't wear!


  1. Don't know which is more gorgeous... Hannah or the jumper!

    Hannah, Though the jumper is WONDERFUL!

  2. That is quite amazing. And without a pattern!!! So wish I could do that.

  3. Hannah is SO Beautiful! like her mama.
    the jumper is Great!!