Monday, May 25, 2009

An afternoon at the pool

We are lucky in the fact that our apartment complex has a very nice pool we can use whenever we wish (until 10:30pm) during the summer. They keep it clean, they keep the area around it clean. Last year Tony and Jeremiah spent quite a bit of time swimming but I stayed in the house, away from the dreaded sun and in the air conditioning with new baby Hannah.

Today we decided it might finally be warm enough to take the kids swimming so we headed over for Hannah's first ever trip to the pool. She LOVED it! Jeremiah always has too. Both my kids are really into water, baths, rain, sinks and apparently now pools. I am not really much of a swimmer. I'm more like a "hang-out-er". I can't float on my back either, my feet sink. I can swim but honestly if I fell off a boat more than about 100 feet out from the beach I'd probably drown. Could also have something to do with the fact that I'm horribly out of shape. Tony took a couple pics of me today at the pool but I'm not sharing because one I think I look like a fluffy cow in and the other was a shot up at an angle of my butt. Sigh.

However I got lots of cute pics of Tony and the kids, even though we were only there for about an hour. I kept reapplying sunscreen to the children but we didn't want to push the whole sunshine thing just to be on the safe side. The one draw back of the time spent outdoors is the fact that it brought back my migraine. See, I keep telling you. I am allergic to sunlight. It is bad for me.

Tony ran out this morning and picked Jeremiah up a pair of swimming trunks because his from last year were 2T (they barely fit him then) and the ones he got today were regular boys size 6/7. His little butt and tummy are bigger around than his legs are long though, so his swimming trunks were about 3" short of being pants on him LoL! I got a big kick out of following behind the three of them on the walk home, seeing my whole family wearing towels like it was normal. Coincidentally today was "towel" day, apparently it's every May 25th and has something to do with the second rule of the universe which is "always know where your towel is." (See the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and no you lazy smurf, do not rent the movie, read the stinking wonderful book!)

Mom and Dad and the kids came over later this evening bringing with them steaks, potato salad, green beans and strawberry shortcake! We are all stuffed to the gills now (my kids have passed out on the couch). Our grill is still out of commission from the birds. They have gone but the grill is still filled with bird nest and poop; not quite sure how Tony will get it clean but I am sure he will figure it out.

I did get some quilting done today. I got almost a whole baby/lap quilt quilted this morning. I need about 7 more wavy lines quilted through it in one direction but my headache was too bad this afternoon to finish it. Maybe tomorrow and then I will share pics. It is pretty cute!


  1. ha ha I am not much for the pool either. The kids and Paul sure love it.
    I usually lay in the semi shade and read.
    Even water parks...
    I love the last pic of Hannah, so cute

  2. I LOVE the sun. I don't even mind the heat. Just give me a truck to unload or something.

    And you aren't even a vampire. LoL

  3. so you ARE a Vampire!! the pool sounds like it was so much fun!!