Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rained out

One of my "accomplishments" for today was the ultimate act in futility, which is mopping my kitchen floor. The second I am done, before it is even dry, it looks horrible again. The one down side to living in an apartment that has been occupied by countless people since probably the 70s with the original kitchen floor. When I am lucky enough to have my own house the first thing we are doing is replacing the kitchen flooring! This might even happen before beds are moved in, or food!
I got one of the purses I have on my list done. I love how it turned out!!

This morning a friend called and asked if the kids and I wanted to meet her and her kids at the park. So I showered, fed and dressed my kids just in time for something to come up on her end and she had to cancel.

To try to fend off mounting 3yr old disappointment (horrors!) I took the kids out the playground in front of our house where they got to play for 5 joyous minutes before it began to rain. Still Hannah got to slide down the slide, Jeremiah got to run and jump and expend energy and then I played in the rain with Hannah for a couple minutes (she's never done that before) while...

Jeremiah took pics to show Tony. Sigh.


  1. The kids are adorable as usual!!! the Bag is devine!!!! I love the color of the fabric and the Bag!!! Huggs Marion

  2. That boy is one after his daddy's heart, for sure.