Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Weather

When I was in second grade, many moons ago, we learned about the 50 states and weather they might be particularly noticed for. I learned that Washington state is the wettest, raining almost constantly and my 7 year old heart fell in love and decided I'd like to live there someday. I never made it to Washington but instead have set down my roots in the beautiful mountains in East TN. Tony says if I want to move to Washington he sure will miss me! Living in TN is not really a compromise; I love it here, but it is in a way that 1/3rd of the year it's weather I like, 1/3 of the year it's weather Tony likes (90+ and SUNNY 14 hrs a day) and 1/3 of the year it's cold and neither sunny, rainy or snowing so we're both unhappy LOL!

This week we have been having my very favorite kind of weather: rain. And not just any old rainy weather. Beautiful rainy weather. The kind where it's overcast and dark and very peaceful. It rains or drizzles not continually but enough during the day that even when it's not raining it is damp. As if a billion little raindrops are too small to be heavy enough to fall and so instead linger around playing in the air. The clouds forget their boundaries and settle in the tops of the trees just above your head and some even float amongst the trees looking like smoke--ghosts of past fires. The sky is all different, beautiful shades of gray. Everything that should be is green. Impossibly green with so many shades of the color that your eyes can't take in or understand them all. Everything has more texture too; leaves turn over on trees making them look fuller and different than they usually do.

I love it. Especially driving around in the car and coming over the rise of a hill where you can see a valley and mountains in the distance. It is hard to tell where the mountains end and the sky begins. Truly breath taking.

I am so in awe of God's beautiful creation all around me, even if most everyone else would think it was dreary!


  1. So pretty and green I love the yellow flowers.
    People always think Texas is flat and bare, but where I am it is nice and plush and green

  2. I, too, am enjoying the last (probably) of the lush green. Here in the foothills of the Sierra's in Northern Calif. all that now looks like grass will soon look more like golden crushed velvet. And the heat will begin to bug me - oh, those hot, hot afternoons when the sun is blasting in my big West facing window! Have to hide on the other side of the room, in my chair, stitching. ^_^

  3. I spend about 1/3 of my life in Washington state, I was born in Seattle and lived there off and on through my childhood. I hate the rain, but I do miss the green!!! They call Seattle the Emrald city. The Green,but it does rain at least 9 months of the yr. I was there about 2 summers ago and it rained on the forth of July. LOL The weather is mild compaired to here in Indiana. I do miss the Cascade Mountains and the sights you are talking about as it is like you discribe near the mountain. Then they have Mt Reineer there and going over a hill in Seattles city streets when it is clear it seems you can reach out and touch it. I lived part of my life also in Southern Calif and I miss the ocean and Mountains there. Sorry Des but driving by your smokeys one year hubby pointed them out and compaired to the Cascades they look like little hills lol. Thanks for bringing back the memories of Washington state for me. It was good!!! Your discription makes me think you should be a writer!!! Huggs Hon!!

  4. I Love the dampness too, it's Very Pretty, But I think just about everything God made is Beautiful!! Lol. I don't like Sun, it makes me squint, and get winkles! and it makes me Sleepy, mom says the rain makes her sleep. Not me the rain is Peaceful, Nice and Fun to Play in.


  5. Oh, Des. You almost make me like the rain. Haha! My perfect weather is a spring or fall day with no humidity, but warm enough for just a jacket. The sun can shine gloriously, if it isn't hot. I also love a fresh snowfall with about 6" and still snowing big ol' flakes. Maryland has the Appalacians (sp?), the flats and the ocean, so I've enjoyed all. Unfortunately, I can't "live" at all. It's a trip for the biggies. If we ever move, it'll be to the mountains :) By the way, you write beautifully!