Thursday, April 30, 2009

And I'm back!

I don't stay down for long. It's too depressing. LoL! I woke up this morning to find that my darling, wonderful husband had gotten off work at 2:30 am and made a trip to the walmart in town to pick up some little presents because he knew I'd had a bad day and wanted to do something extra to make me smile. Hanging on the fridge door I found 2 cute little sun dresses for Hannah, in her size (he's so good!) one of which she immediately wanted to put on. On the counter was a playstation game for Jeremiah since we are nixing computer games due to the recent virus/spyware fiasco. A dozen roses! and book for me, the Catcher in the Rye. I've never actually read it but have always wanted to and he remembered that! And a HUGE Toblerone bar. Milk chocolate, honey and almonds...yum. Those Swiss man, they know what they are doing.

When he woke up he tried to help me put my nose ring back in which involved a lot of crying on my part and wanting to hold my nose still with tweezers on his part. Didn't work too well so I called the tattoo parlor and threw myself on their mercy. They said to come over, no big deal so after lunch the kids and I drove to Knoxville where Diantha sat in the car with the little kiddos and I went in. The girl that pierced it was there and is TOTALLY cool and very graceous. Apparently 5 other people in the last 2 days have come to her with the same problem. She thinks it's the time of year, allergies causing swelling, etc which makes a lot of sense since I know my allergies are out to kill me.

Before our little road trip I made Diantha, Josiah and Jeremiah help clean Jeremiah's room. It was SUCH a pig sty I wasn't brave enough to take a "before" picture but here are some after pics. I guess my "Tackle Tuesday" turned into a "Tackle Thursday" this week. You can't be on top of everything all the time. Tony and I want to rearrange his room because his air vent blows right on his bed and makes him cold, which is one reason we think he keeps coming to get in bed with us since he won't sleep with covers on. But we haven't figured out how to do it so clean is better than arranged for now.

I got 4 strips of fabric cut today and that's it for quilting. Bah! Maybe more tomorrow? Tony's working (praise God!!) so we won't be running everywhere.

After the visit to Alter Ego I took D and Josiah home to Mom's where we painted "kindles" (kiddie spindles) and buttons for her to use at a spindle demonstration for a local schools' Heritage Day tomorrow.

I made a spindle and a button look like a blood shot eye. Mom let me keep the spindle. On that note my CD spindle is A Perfect Circle cd so I'm taking spindling in a punk direction!


  1. Honey, you take anything you want in any direction you want, and it will be just fine.

    Where did you get your twitter feed and how did you do it? Wanna hack my blog sidebar and do mine for me?


  2. I love your eye spindle!!! Too Cool!!! Your nose ring looks beautiful. Now on me it would look funny besides I tell everyone I wouldnt do that as I have a large ok extra large nose and I dont want to bring attention to it! Guess If I lived in Roman times I would be considered Royalty with this big snaz lol The kids rooms look awsome. Can you come over and do Barbie's for me? lol Huggs Marion

  3. Sweet Husband of yours! I love Jeremiahs room- cute cute