Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No dust bunnies for Easter!

Today was most likely the most productive day I've had in a while. I put the label, hanging sleeve and binding on my W/U challenge quilt--which I will post pictures of (and list in my etsy shop) when the voting is over on Saturday night.

Since it was laying on my ironing board I added the final two rows to my fall lap quilt, the blocks of which were graciously donated to me by Jenn. ;-)
Then all it needed was 2 sets of borders and it would be ready to pin out, and since I happened to have the border fabrics also laying on the ironing board it seemed silly to put the fabrics and the top away and have to get them back out again later just to add borders! The completed top measures 41"x47" and I have just enough of the coordinating leaf print to back it!

And I got housework done! I can't believe it and I know you gasp in horror, but slowly and surely I did "spring cleaning" things today. I dusted. I got down and vacuumed the carpets around the base boards. I vacuumed my lamp shades! I should mention that the vacuuming of lamp shades is only effective if you first have white or dark and gothic shades. I like to vacuum mine twice a year, because that's just the kind of dedicated house keeper I am. Hannah, having never consciously lived through this biannual phenomenon was ecstatic and danced around the living room in her diaper in a manner in which one might try to ensure a good harvest. Coincidentally I also found the long lost and Hannah stolen back to the remote my left sneaker, underneath the end tables.

I even made a delicious dinner, with all frugality I chopped up leftover pot roast and potatoes and made a beef pot pie. I cheat and dump a jar of beef gravy in amongst the beef and veggies but I didn't have one, so I strained broth leftover from the roast and boiled it until it reduced to about 3/4 cup of liquid and mixed it with a can of cream of mushroom soup. Mixed all the veggies in with that, dumped it into a store bought pie crust and topped with bisquick. Quick and easy and muy yummo. However it's been a couple hours since dinner and I am using all my willpower not to get into the chocolate I bought for Easter baskets. I can resist you, Bunnies!


  1. If her dancing would only make my carrots come up!

  2. you STILL haven't found it since I spent the night!?


  3. Oh wow Des- that quilt brought tears to my eyes. It is wonderful!
    I am speechless!

  4. The quilt -- magnificent! Stunning! Striking!

    Spring cleaning -- what's that? You showed a pic of a tabletop. I can see wood. I haven't seen the wood on my tabletops in forever!! Good job!!