Monday, April 20, 2009

Jeremiah's first story

I have been working on a block for 2, going on 3 days now. I'm claiming it for all three days (yesterday, today and tomorrow) since I just don't see myself finishing it tonight--though I may still get ambitious! When this last round of pals started I had a PLAN and my plan was to send my pal 12 quilt blocks so that she could put herself together a nice wallhanging for her house. I made all 12 blocks ahead of time, to make sure they all went together nicely and I planned to send them in sets of 4 over the 3 month pal round. The first package arrived just fine. The second package gotten eaten in the mail and the blocks lost forever.

So I am getting ready to mail my last package to her and I decided to remake one of the blocks lost last month since I had originally designed it especially for her! It figures, since when I made it I said "I never want to make this block again." LOL! I cut out the cross and ironed it in place last night and prepped the blue bonnets. Today I cut all of them out and ironed them in place. I managed to stitch around the cross and the green but once again I am having sewing machine problems. I didn't even get one blue bonnet stitched down before the machine (the second one I tried today) ate the block. I got fed up and left it alone. There is always tomorrow!

I did FINALLY manage to finish spinning (last night at 1:30am, er this morning) and plying (this morning at 10:30am) my driftwood yarn that will become, at some point over the summer, lovely cabled mittens for myself for next winter. I ended up with exactly 170 yards of a 2 ply yarn that is dk-heavy worsted weight, just what I was shooting for (most of it is dk-worsted). I also ended up with a little "pet" of a 58 yard single that is sock-thicker than sock weight, LoL! Probably I will ply it with itself to make 29 more yards of my yarn. Just not tonight. Yawn.

This afternoon when Jeremiah woke up from his nap we were laying on the bed for a few minutes since Hannah was still asleep and he said he was going to tell me a story. I said great! and he sat up and began....

"Once upon a time there was a little guy and he was just walkin' along and then he stopped to play checkers. He was really good and he won and he got a dark red hat and a dark blue ball for a prize! Then he looked around and he noticed that all the nuts and bolts and good food to eat were falling out of the trees, so he put down his ball and picked up a basket and helped pick up the nuts and bolts and good things to eat. Then the guy running the bowling told him to put the basket with the broken fruit out in the middle of the jungle with the other broken fruilt, for the bears. When he was done he went home and took off his hat and laid in his bed where he thought about everything he had done and then he fell asleep and had good dreams."

The story actually went on and on for about 10 minutes, but I missed a lot after that. The gist of it was what the guy did every day and then he went to bed everynight. It ended with "and then he went to bed for the night with a sore throat, but he ate one of those cough drop lolli pops and then he felt better and went to sleep."

I said, "Why was his throat sore? Did he mouth off and someone punched him in the neck?" Jeremiah looked at me out of the corner of his eye (SUCH a little Desiree look!) and said, "No."


  1. Ha! Now you see what it was like!! ROFLOL!

    Mom. who LOVES your yarn!

  2. That is a very pretty block. Love the yarn and such a cute little story. I miss those days. On the way to and from church this weekend. - Zekaryah asked about suicide. I think the convo lasted an hour! I was so thrilled when it was all over. I could not believe all the questions. I would take a story any day. Questions are draining. LOL

  3. Love that story!!! Jeremaih is a doll! The block is awsome but then you always have awsome blocks!!! Now that yarn you are getting so so good at your spinning!!! That yarn is wonderful!!! God Bless


  4. The block is wonderful. Your SP should be delighted! The yarn is so soft looking! It will be great in a snuggy blankie.

    Isn't it great when the little ones come up with amazing stories!! I used to love listening to Jared telling his creations to me, lol.

  5. I love the block and I want your yarn. Great story, thanks for sharing it.

  6. Such a Wonderful First story!! very Bright!
    your yarn looks Great! keep the 'Little Pet" a Single, it'll be good for a neck'lit :D