Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am Eeyore

I am Eeyore today. You know, the chubby, gray, morose and downtrodden pessimistic donkey from Winnie the Pooh?

I am obviously not as strong a person as I originally thought. There is a reason I am not a military wife; I have no emotional stamina. When Tony worked 3rd shift for those almost 3 months I suffered from chronic migraines and panic attacks. He has worked 12 hour shifts every day this week, leaving before (or just as) the kids and I wake up and returning at bedtime. My kids have not slept the last 3 nights either. I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I have an emergency ciggy hidden in the cupboard but can't sneak away long enough to smoke it.--(As a side note here I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant with Jeremiah and though it will be 4 years in October I still feel the need for an occasional smoke. I miss my soothing delicious habit, even if I only indulge about 3 times a year. I keep an "emergency" cigarette just because KNOWING it is there makes me feel better. I don't think I've smoked one of mine in 3 years cause Tony keeps finding them and smoking them for me.)

I took my nose ring out today. It came right out. I have spent 3 hours trying to get it back in. Now my nose is swollen and bleeding and I am sitting around with a small silver hooped earring in my face looking like Lenny Kravitz. I called my dear husband crying about it. He said he'd help me in the morning. I feel so stupid, how HARD is it to put a corkscrew nose ring in your face?? Apparently for all my other skills, this is one I don't posses. My sister says "Go to the tattoo parlor and have them put it back in for you." As if I don't feel stupid enough already, LoL!

I have been away from keyboard for 2 days because Spyware invaded my computer and I couldn't get to any websites except for the Panda software site which Mom pays for and let me use her ID to clean out my computer. I had 44 infected files. Thankfully now I am back, with a newly cleaned out, defragged and diskcleaned computer that is working much better than before.

I did manage to find ONE sewing machine needle but haven't had the chance to put it in the machine because I'm too busy being Eeyore and trying to put my nose ring back in. I made great progress on my mittens getting one of them totally finished (it is beautiful!) and the other finished all but the tip of the fingers/hand and the thumb and I ran out of yarn. Thankfully I have 60 yards of the yarn I spun as a single, so I can ply it with itself and have enough yarn to finish the mitten! I just haven't done it yet. Jeremiah informed me that he wants mittens--blue. It is 90 degrees outside and bugs are hitting my sliding glass door at an alarming rate as I type.

I pulled fabrics to make my dear friend Kelli a wedding quilt, but again haven't cut them up. Although my 3 yr old son thought they were a beautiful arrangement of fabric and started playing with one FQ. He kept telling me he was making a quilt for his secret pal. I told him not to cut up anything. SO he took my rotary cutter to it while I was in the bathroom. Then brought me the fabric and said "This ripped." So we got to have a lesson about disobeying and lying and breaking Mama's heart when she's having a bad day. : (

On another happier note my dear MIL picked me and the kiddos up this morning and took us to get Hannah's pictures taken. I had Jeremiah's done as a baby and again at 1 and 2 and so far haven't had Hannah's done at all. So we dressed her purdy and had them taken by Elvira Mistress of the Dark who apparently HAS NO TROUBLE CHANGING HER NOSE RING. Hannah refused to smile for all but 2 pictures (the lady must have taken 12) and kept looking at her with a "You are stupid." look that I get a lot. Pretty funny if you ask me.

Sorry for going on so, if you skimmed this post I don't blame you and I promise to pull myself together and try to have something interesting to share pictures of tomorrow! : ) Have a great night!


  1. Well guess what? It is almost 3AM and what am I doing - nursing my baby and reading your blog. I love it. Looks like we are in the same trenches. I had things that "got ripped". I do not think it is "lying and disobeying". To me it seems more of the "being scared and giving in to temptation". Have to admit happens to me too. My DH used to work nights and it is very scary and very hard, I hope things improve. All in all I love your blog. Thank you.

  2. Oh I had one of these days earlier in the week, on the same day my cousins wife had one too. Hers makes ours look like whining. Her baby has a cyst on the back of her head which they thought they were consulting about to then get it drained- oh no just more BS and more doctors first, that morning their son was running with a pen and it put a small cut in his throat.
    It does get better girly, even though it is terribly hard to be without our mates. You are strong though.

  3. I have to tell you as a grandmother and a mother it will get eaiser. Some days it feels like you just can't take one more minute. Then God comes along and reminds us he is there. He has our childern do something so funny we have to laugh. Or someone else reminds us it can be worse. LOL Hang in there, wishing I was closer so I could give you a helping hand. But will have to just remember I'm here praying for you! I do care!!! and Barbie and I are sending you big big huggs!!!

  4. {{{hugs}}} Don't worry Des, it's not called whining, it's called venting frustrations. And that's what friends are for. I don't think there is anyone out there that hasn't had a day or two like yours, so we do understand.