Monday, April 13, 2009

Disappearing Nine Patch

I am almost back in the swing of things. Not really though since my MIL came and got Jeremiah about 11pm last night and he's still running around somewhere with her, so I am being lazy with just Hannah at home. I've almost recovered my living room from the birthday party and Easter baskets. It looks good in here as long as you don't try to go in my kitchen.

But housework is BORING and I have so many more interesting things I can do! LIKE, I am obsessively and compulsively spinning that beautiful gray batt I bought from WC Mercantile. It is SO wonderful! Tony picked it up last night and said, "Oooh, what is this?" I smiled and said "Merino, of course!" It is spinning into the most luscious even, smooth yarn. This wool has no VM in it and isn't getting little fluffy or bumpy places. Free shipping from their shop too, no affiliation--I am just a very satisfied customer! I am calling the yarn Driftwood because it reminds me of...driftwood, bleached white by the current and salt in the ocean and then darkened again where it touches the water.

I also made a block for today!!! I know, you thought I'd forgotten all about it! Today I am making nine patches to make Disappearing Nine patches. Those were the blocks used in my fall quilt top I posted about a few days ago. It's really easy, just make a nine patch block and cut it in 4ths.

I am going to send these to the lady who sent me my blocks, so she can have a quilt too. I can't wait to see how differently hers comes out. I love to see two different (or many different, for that matter) quilters take the same fabrics and/or same blocks and end up with entirely different, unique and beautiful quilts!

And maybe, just maybe I can get mine pinned soon and begin the actual "quilting" process instead of just the "piecing" process, LOL!


  1. Looking good!
    I didn't get much done today either. :-(

  2. Love your spinning!!! that's the Prettiest gray I've ever seen. How do you lose a 9-Patch?!
    just kidding Lol.