Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eventually I'll get a nap

This has been one long, busy weekend and I haven't even grocery shopped yet!
Thursday my MIL brought the kids over some cute, cute Easter clothes and shoes and Hannah's birthday present. While we were at it we went to the local little Chinese buffet that has really good food that NEVER gives me a headache or upsets our stomachs, all for about $6 for the dinner buffet--dr pepper included. Well I don't know if that's where it came from or what but by the time we got back from dinner (and I was praying we'd get back as fast as humanly possible!) I had come down with a really terrible case of food poisoning!

I'd been cleaning/decluttering for Hannah's party for Friday but still had a *lot* to do but nope... I got to spend 3 hours in the bathroom Thursday night and a couple more on Friday. The upside of that is that Thurs morning I ran to the library and they had a copy of Breaking Dawn, the 4th book in the Twilight saga which has roughly 900 pages and I read the whole book by Friday night. Not much else to do in the bathroom.

Mom brought Diantha over Thurs night too and she spent the night, helping me put up clothes and finish setting up for the party Friday morning. Tony ran and got the last couple things we needed and pizza's to feed everyone. It was a great party, I thought. Everyone got along (not something usual) for the most party, Hannah got some really nice things and everyone had fun.

Saturday we got up, I gave the kids showers while Tony went to get the oil changed in the car and then we made a 200 mile round trip to Greeneville to visit with the Bowman side of the family. Diantha was still with us, so we took her along. Tony has a little sister Katie who is a month older than Diantha, I don't know if they get along or not because they both kind of keep to themselves and have only met once or twice before. Hannah cried all the way home.

Today our church had only 1 service (instead of the usual 5). We had 7 services last week and had about 6,300 people so the church rented the Colosseum in Knoxville--the Ice Hockey rink. One service at 10:30 meant be up at 8, leave at quarter after nine so our friend B.P. and his girlfriend could follow us. They didn't know where it was, Tony made fun of him. Tony drove to Neyland Stadium. Oops, wrong place. Turned around, drove to Thompson Bowling Arena. Oops, wrong place again. B.P. calls his Dad and asks for directions, we arrive at the Colosseum at exactly 10:33am. Perfect! The serivice was awesome, so neat to see the entire church in one place. That's not happened in 12 years!!

Left church and went to Mom's for Easter dinner, bringing B.P. and Beverly (his girlfriend, not my sister) in tow. Had a NICE wonderful, quiet lunch with NO fighting. If someone didn't like something, they just didn't eat it! They didn't pitch a fit and tell everyone how much they didn't like it. If someone liked something, they ate two. No one asked how much more of something they were going to eat. Then we ALL (grown ups included) scrounged up baskets, containers, milk jugs with the tops cut off and went to look for the 75 plastic Easter eggs Mom stuffed and sent Artemas out in the yard to hide. The kids hunted eggs, laughing and playing and rolling around in the grass and no one yelled at them for being children. Again, awesome.

While at Mom's I started spinning some beautiful varigated gray/silver colored merino wool I bought from WC Mercantile off etsy to knit some mittens from a pattern I bought from Lily Knitting. I'm spinning it rather fine so that I can ply it when I'm done and make a 2 ply yarn. Normally I don't do this--I like singles and I think it is kind of a waste since to make a 2 ply you end up with only half of the yarn you spin. PLUS, I think the whole point of spinning myself is to get the slubby bumpy thick and thin singles... if I'm going to consistantly spin an even thinner yarn I might as well just buy yarn. BUT since this is for mittens that I want to last for a while, I'm gritting my teeth and making the 2 ply since it does make the yarn stronger and it'll wear a little better.
We are home now finally. Tony and Jeremiah are watching a DVD he (J) got for Easter, a cartoon of Transformers--which I don't get at all. I am wondering if I could sneak off and have a nap? Probably not. :-D


  1. Awww, you wouldn't be referring to my parents or my sister (who were absent today), yelling at kids for being kids, or complaining about food, or ranting for half an hour when there is food they don't like? Nah!

    It was a great Easter. I feel like I have been Taxidermied. LoL!

  2. Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter and that Hannah had a good birthday too.

  3. I got a chuckle out of you reading an entire book while you were sick in the bathroom. I'm sorry you were sick, but at least you didn't drop the book in the toilet! Alan likes to read in the bathroom. He calls it "the library." If he's gone to the library, I don't expect him back any time soon. I think it's a habit that's cultivated from having children. The sacred throne. Nobody else allowed. Peace. Heehee.

  4. I LOVE this pic from Hannah's B-day. Aawwww your kids are so Pretty!! I think katie and I might get along fine if we hung out more.