Saturday, April 25, 2009


So we had the craft show today, which actually was a yard sale in the parking lot and inside the "community center" 10 vendors set up shop. 3 of us had handbags/totes and while none were like mine, mine barely registered a glance from the 30 people who stopped buy. 6 people sold jewelry, one couple had 1000lbs of fudge, another lotions and things. Mom sold NO yarn, felted or knitted items. But we did sell about $50 worth of my Dad's goat's nilk soaps and it was good practice setting up our booth so I supposed while a disappointment, not a total waste.

At least we were done by 1:30 and on the way back from Maryville got to cross a huge dam (I don't know the name of it) built across Watsbar Lake. Or maybe is seperates Watsbar from Tellico? I don't know, anyway it is huge. Mom drove around so I could take pics of the lake and the dam and this big propellor thing. I don't know if it is like the ones they use in the dam or if they unearthed it from the lake, but it was big and therefore photo worthy.

See this beautiful picture I took of a tree and grass, overlooking the lake. Look VERY closely and you can see a little bitty sail boat in the picture. The SECOND I snapped the pic, the sail boat which had been lazily sailing around the lake for a while suddenly capsized. Seriously, we watched it. It just went "plink," right over. I just have that kind of luck.

So we went back to Mom's to meet up with my dear hubby and son who were trying to rewire one of Mom's motorcycles. It was very warm today, mid 80s but the breeze was lovely and since the air wasn't on in Mom's house we kids threw down some coverlets in the yard and hung out. I started knitting my mittens with the gray yarn I spun. I am editing the pattern just a little, or at least I am planning on it. I added 4 extra stitches around to make it bigger and it looks as if I may have to add 1" to the length of the hand because I have big hands. This yarn is making the SOFTEST and FLUFFIEST mitten you have ever felt. I can't wait for winter to be able to wear them, LoL!

The kids laid around in their shorts and diapers and played well together, even managing not to eat grass! Afterward we all went over to church and now we are finally home having had a very long, and tiring--though nice day. I am going to sit here and watch the Smoking Gun Presents World's Dummest Daredevils on TV and knit some more on my mittens. Tomorrow I will take some blocks to Mom's to square up as we are going back to finish working on the bike. BUT probably I won't be able to share pics since they are for a secret. : )


  1. Ya'll look so happy and comfy. It looks so much like the kids here at our house. Mekenzei and I spent the day cleaning and Zekaryah and Paul built the chicken coop (part of it) while Jakob push mowed nearly 2 acres. What a day. Come back from date night and they just threw in Lord of the Rings, so much for date night. LOL

  2. Wow pretty pictures, ok being who I am I had to look up the dam ect. Here is what I found
    Very interesting reading and looks like a beautiful place to vacation!!! I adore the look on Jeremiah's face in that one picture! And if I can see right it looks like Hannah is playing with a piece of yarn? LOL Thanks for shareing your day huggs and God Bless Marion

  3. Jealous (1)
    We are still wearing our fleeces.

    Shows like that are always learning experiences, both good and bad.