Friday, April 24, 2009


No quilting today to report, except I square up 4 6" blocks this morning and I played with a bunch of fabric, just looking at it and putting it back in a box.

No, today my dear husband was off and we took a day trip to Dollywood! For those of you who don't know, Dollywood is an amusement park here East TN owned by Dolly Parton (I just love 9 to 5!). My grandparents bought us day passes for Christmas, which we turned in and upgraded to season passes and it cost us LESS for that than the original day passes. Go figure. Anyway, now we can go whenever we want for just the gas since I got a gold pass and parking is free. Jeremiah thinks we go just to ride the coal-powered old fashioned train they have that circles the park.

Jeremiah was finally tall enough today to ride all the water rides, which we'd never gotten to do before because he was too small or I was too pregnant or it was too cold. Actually he and Tony rode them while I waited around to take pictures with Hannah. This pic of Jeremiah is blurry because he was dancing about having just gone on the white-water rafting ride.

Then we all went down into the kiddie section they have where they even have rides Hannah can ride, but as a nervous Mama I rode behind them. How cool am I crammed into the duckies??? THAT cool! Jeremiah and I rode the kiddies rollercoaster which is actually pretty neat and then he said he wanted to go ride the big roller coasters. That's my boy! Sadly we didn't ride any big coasters today even thoug they have a superb wooden one, I hate going on rides by myself and one of us always has to sit with the kids. Next time we will take Diantha or Artemas and make them babysit, LOL!

When we had had as much fun as we could stand we headed over to Great American buffet which it turns out has been renamed Woodgrill Buffet so we were momentarily confused. But the food was good, even if a Wayne Newton wannabe had set up shop er, microphone in the middle of the resteraunt and they set us 2 tables away. Tony took a pic of me chowing down on some ribs; humor him, he thinks he's funny LOL! Gotta love a buffet with steak, bbq AND ribs on it.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a long day too with the craft show and probably church. Lord willing I will have lots of sales and maybe something quilty to report on!


  1. I have a pic of you eating a rib when you were 6 months old, in a little blue dress with pink pigs on it, and you were BALD! FOFLOL! Gee... wonder if I can find it to post it?

    You look so much cuter, with something in your mouth!!

  2. Yah Jeremiah! Hannah looks Darling!! sounds like you guys had Fun in the HOT Sun, Lol


  3. What a wonderful gift that was! It's a gift that keeps on giving!! We took our children to the amusement parks whenever we could afford it. We were ride freaks!!

    This year, I gave my son and his family (and his best friend and children) tickets to the Baltimore aquarium. They haven't been yet, but the weather is perfect for it now! I can't wait for them to go. It'll be so fun for them all!

    Much good luck at the craft show!! I miss Etsy and the occasional order. I wish it were less occasional! I'd have hung in there.

    Hugs from MD,

  4. Looks like an excellent day. We do passes to Sea World or Six Flags occassionaly. Always nice to have something like that. Of course I love it more because I get lots of good pictures of the kids on family trips- and what memories.