Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah

Birthdays are a BIG deal at our house. My husband comes from a split-but not broken-family and so there are LOTS of inlaws, grandparents, step parents, aunts and uncles not to mention my side of the family. Birthdays, like Christmas, tend to be several days worth of celebration. Hannah first birthday is no exception. Nana Cheryl, my wonderful Mother in law brought her goodies and took us out out to dinner on Thursday night. We had her party yesterday and today we are going to make a 2 hr trip east to Greeneville to visit with my father in law and Tony's grandparents' families.

I can't believe Hannah is a year old already, time has surely flown! But as I watched her sleep Thursday night, counting down the minutes to her first birthday suddenly the labor and turmoil of the day the year before seemed long ago. (Not so long that I want to do it again any time soon though!)
When Hannah was born she looked so much like her brother that my labor and drug confused mind couldn't understand who she was. I said, "That's Jeremiah?" It was incredible. She still looks so much like her brother but personality wise--whoa! Night and day! She is easy going and happy, and clever and sneaky all at the same time. Very much like my sister Diantha was, as long as I am within reach she is the happiest kid in the world.

Hannah Lynn Goode Bowman...
Hannah is named after just about ever female in our family. Tony picked the name 'Hannah' when I was pregnant with Jeremiah since we didn't find out what he was going to be until he arrived--long before the Hannah Montanta craze I assure you!! Hannah also has "Ann" in the middle of it, the middle name of Tony's Mom Cheryl and my Granny Judith. My Mom Nikki's middle name is Lynn and Tony's great grandmother's last name was Goode. It's a little old fashioned to use a maiden name as a middle name but it just seemed to fit! Forever my darling girl will carry the blessing of a name that is Grace and Goode.

As I type this she is watching music videos on VHI and dancing, clapping and yelling at "Bruh-bruh." She had the best time at her party yesterday, making a mess of her cake and opening presents. After everyone left Tony put the clothes she recieved in one bag and set it on the floor next to her rocking chair. She sat down in it and "opened" her presents again all by herself, showing us each item and laughing about it.

She is beautiful and fair, already so smart and independant. I look excitedly to the next year to see hiw she changes and gros, and to many many years after that.

For the Lord God is a sun and a shield;
The Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly.--Psalm 84:11 NKJV


  1. Beautiful Tribute! Happy Birthday Hannah!!
    Lovely dress too!

  2. Hannah and Jeremiah will decorate your days for years to come. What a wonderful, miraculous thought! Happy Birthday, dear Hannah; Happy Birthday to Youuuu!!

  3. What a dear blessing! Happy Birthday, Hannah!! And she looks to be dressed for Easter too!

  4. Happy Birthday Hannah! What joy,grace,love,hope she must bring you! God has blessed you twice with beautiful,smart,imangetive,loving children! It brought tears to my eyes to read your post, but they are tears of joy so thank you very much! God Bless your beautiful family. Hannah is a very loved child she will do well in this crazy world! Huggs Marion