Sunday, April 5, 2009

Purple Rain Handbag

I made quilty promises. I can almost deliver on those, LoL! I finished reading New Moon (my MIL and husband are awed...563 pages) and I actually read every word. I must admit that normally I skim pages of books here and there. I've found that most books don't require 100% of my attention or focus to read, and understand and not miss anything...even when I skim. But I thoroughly enjoyed these books so much that I read all the words. : )

I did manage to finish a handbag I have been working on since Wed. More like NOT working on! It was a long process this morning that involved getting the needle stuck in the machine, bent and through the purse. Tony had to take it apart for me but we eventually got it working and so I was able to finish (and list in my etsy shop) Purple Rain. I am on the SHE(School at Home Etsians) team and they are having an April Showers challenge. Let Rain inspire your work. I took that in a different direction than most people I guess. The rain drops appliqued across the front of this bag are actually purple satin. Prince would have it no other way, I am sure!

I started to quilt my W/U project a few minutes ago so I could post pictures of that and then realized 2 things: ONE I can't post pics because the voting for the challenge hasn't happened yet and it's supposed to be anonymous and TWO even if I posted pics of just the back it wouldn't matter since I am quilting it in a thread that blends in. So y'all will just have to be patient. :-D

It's just as well that I spent the whole day in a book since I have had such a roaring migraine that doing anything except reading has sent pain shooting through my head. My sister-in-law and her husband renewed their wedding vows today and the two hours we were out of the house for that was almost more than I could bear. Thankfully it seems to be waning so maybe it's not one of those horrendous 3 day affairs. I hope not cause I desperately need to take Jeremiah shopping for clothes! The boy suddenly has nothing that fits except a Batman Tshirt and a pair of jeans, LOL! Even socks and underwear...what the heck! : )


  1. Didn't you just buy him underwear about a month ago? What is he doing? Eating them too (like everything else insight, LoL)?

    who hopes your headache gets better

  2. I'm like that about books too. I'm sorry your head hurts. hey his a Growing boy! Lol.


  3. OK at the risk of sounding like a Grandma (ok ok so I am one) You need to buy some things a few sizes larger than he needs so he can "grow into them" Not so large that he actually swims in the cloths but so they last him just a bit longer. LOL Ok enough of my Motherly advice! Huggs and happy shopping (if that can be managed with 2 little ones? Huggs and God Bless Marion

  4. Boy do I understand the new clothes thing- Jakob and Mekenzei both need new items. New Moon was so good. I think 3 and 4 I read the same way. They were so hard to put down. Unlike you I have not seen the movie - STILL. One day RedBox will have it then I can see it. Hope your headache is better today.

  5. If I get engrossed in a book, I know that everything else is going to go blank around me. I used to be a avid reader of fiction, but am drawn to instructional books now. I feel that if I'm going to be zoning, I should be doing something purposeful. Haha.
    Your purple rain bag is cute :) You're a very imaginative lady!! You go, girl!!