Monday, April 6, 2009

Delilah Part 2

You'd think for a small quilt, it would hurry up and get finished?
I bought the backing fabric on Friday, Tony washed it for me in a load of clothes on Saturday but since I was far away in a book til last night I didn't get any more done with it.

When I finished reading last night I DID quilt my W/U challenge quilt, but again I can't show the pics until after the voting. It's still waiting on binding.

Today after putting on a pot roast cook and cleaning the living room I pinned out Delilah and began to quilt it. I got it half quilted, doing pairs of random wavy lines in one direction. Still have to go back over it the other way. I ironed both the quilt top and the backing and taped all three layers down but for some reason it wasn't stretched very tightly and is giving me some issues. I wish I had gone to Mom's and done a random stipple on it, LoL! It would have been done in the the time it took me to quilt half of it.

I stopped doing that after I got a message that someone needed a little bag for a little 2 year old girl, by Friday. Stop the presses! LOL! I threw together a little bag which I think is quite cute, though it ended up smaller than I had in mind but Tony says it's a great size for a 2 year old. It is 6" square.

Now he is home and I am burned out on doing anything so I am going to sit here and read a couple library books to Jeremiah and then read some more of the New Year's Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.


  1. Busy day! You should have come down!

    LOVE the miniscule, microscopic bag.

    Delilah is better now with her borders on. She was kinda homely just naked like before. LOL

  2. Love your bags , you use lot of cute fabrics..
    Happy easter to you!!

  3. it's a Great 2 year old Bag!! Hey, come down tomorrow and finish Delilah. we don't have church tomorrow. (mom doesn't think so) and you guys can visit with Granny and Papa.