Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There's a Chicken in your Pants!

With a 3 year old son it seems I am never going to run out of blog fodder. Seriously. This morning Tony (my dh) was laying on the living room floor, playing with the kids for about an hour. He was wearing long lounge/pajama pants with Tony the Tiger all over them. About 30 minutes into play time Jeremiah started trying to put his hand up the leg of his pants, which Tony said felt weird and kept telling him to knock it off. Jeremiah kept saying "But Daddy, there is a CHICKEN in your pants!" This was a weird, Twilight zone, alternate reality conversation because Tony and I kept looking at each other like we were nuts? and telling Jeremiah to STOP putting his hands in Daddy's pants because there really wasn't a chicken in them. What the heck?

Fast forward about 15 minutes later, Jeremiah finally gives up and goes on to play something else. About 15 minutes after that Tony decides he has had enough fun on the floor and starts to stand up. Doing so makes his pants pull against him differently I guess, because he gets this weird look on his face. Then he sticks his hand down the BACK of his pants and pulls out a plastic fried chicken leg. He looks at me with a "I am so bewildered" look and says, "Well.... I guess there really was a chicken in my pants."

And Hannah has figured out how to log on to the Internet with my cell phone, something I don't know how to do. I caught her after she was connected a little over a minute so I am sure my phone bill just went up $10.

Onto other things! Today was "Tackle it Tuesday" and my tackle for today was LAUNDRY! It ought to be a 4 letter word. A bad 4 letter word. I did a rough estimate and came up with 13 loads of laundry wanting my attention. 2-3 of which I think are all outgrown needing to be sorted and boxed up. I forewent my nap with the kiddies today and got quite a lot accomplished in the hour they were both asleep. By 9pm I had done/sorted/put away 7-8 loads, cleaned the living room and vacuumed it and the hallway, cleaned out both kids' dressers for outgrown clothes and made dinner. I didn't do anything remotely quilty until that was over and then all I did was zigzag stitch around the blue bonnets on my cross block. FINALLY it is done! I have had whole quilts that didn't take me this long!

Even if today wasn't an uproariously productive quilting day, my hubby got to come home to a fairly clean house, a good dinner, clean clothes and happy kids! All in all, a good day I think.


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  2. ROFLOL!! Jeremiah's Great!! and yes, sometimes you guys just aren't Silly!! don't worry about the Laundery. you can have mom and Veronica help you tomorrow. Love you