Friday, April 17, 2009

Not a purse!

I made a purse for my friend's daughter to tote her Bible (pens, notes, etc) back and forth to church in. One of her sons then said he needed one too. Back and forth they went with the "boys don't really carry purses" (...well, except in Europe but definitely not in Texas) argument. It was decided maybe it would solve it if I came up with a Bible cover which he could use to tote his Bible in.

After much procrastination, yesterday and today I've made this. It is a quilted cover that will fit his Bible, I hope. It has a "hidden" patch pocket in the lining, a small pocket on one flap for a pen or highlighter, a wider pocket on the other flap for whatever and on the front a zipper pocket that is the size of the entire front. It closes with a button and tab to the back and has 2 small handles--so that it doesn't look like a purse!! LoL!

I hope he will like it, I can't wait to send it to him. His Mama says he likes Under the Sea stuff.


  1. Yeah, those Texas boys surely can't stand the thought it might be a girl thing. Great resolution for that issue, BTW.

  2. I think it looks great! Great Idea. Sometimes procrastination pays off, lol.