Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jeremiah Photography

Today I discovered a bunch of pics on my camera and desktop that Jeremiah has taken, that he wanted me to put on my blog. Since I've been remiss about doing so I thought I'd share them all here now.

Bob the Tomato, a picture Jeremiah and I colored at work last Tuesday. <---

A couch pillow, on the floor, at his aunt Charlene's house in South Carolina. --->

His latest box of cereal. He had to have. He doesn't like. <---

Me cutting up a green pepper to cook in something for dinner. --->

His new kicks. He's very proud of them; though he's driving me insane with the wanting to learn to tie his shoes. It's slow going. <---

Mater, on my cutting mat. --->

The Men's room door at Charles Town Harbor Landing in Charleston, South Carolina.<---

My schedule for October and list of pertinent people/phone numbers for work.--->

The star I colored in at work the other night. It was a slow night. <---
Nana Juanita's wheelchair wheel, being rolled along at Charles Town Harbor Landing by Nana Cheryl. --->

I hope you've enjoyed this little look at the world through a 4 year old's eyes. Either that or you're taking my blog off your follow list, LOL!!


  1. awww I love it!!! I would never remove myself although you may want to remove me some days! LOL

  2. Too sweet. The eyes of a child. Gotta love it