Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Crabtree Vow Renewal

5 years ago my very best friend Bethany married the love of her life Rush, in my parents living room (was supposed to be an outdoor wedding but it rained.) A lot has happened since then.

They've added 2 beautiful childen to their family, bringing their total of kids to 3.
Rush has served 18 months in Iraq (not to mention the weeks of basic they put him through before he left, again).
They moved out of state, away from family, to be near an army base he's currently stationed at--just to name a few.

Most importantly, a few months ago, Rush gave his life to Jesus. What a blessing that now their marriage is "equally yoked." I know this has been a great relief to Bethany, having a husband who wil lpray with her and believe with her for things when life is hard.

The Army is sending Rush back to Afganistan a couple days before Thanksgiving, this will be his second tour there, he went when he was 17. Before he leaves they wanted to have a small ceremony, outdoors like their first wedding was supposed to be, to renew their vows as husband and wife before the Lord and their friends.

This past Thursday Mom knocked herself out cooking a wonderfull dinner to serve: Coq au Vin, which is a delicious chicken dish (she made her sans mushrooms because Bethany's Mom is terribly allergic, but cooked them seperately for we who love them) , brown-sugar glazed baby veggies, garlic cheeseball, an orgasmically chocolate cake with strawberries and ganache (the top layer, heart shaped, was white cake with strawberries and ganache). I took some orange almond rolls I'd made out of the freezer to add to it, along with some honey/rum butter for topping them.

Bethany's Dad "officiated" the event, saying some nice things about the couple and then Bethany and Rush read each other their vows that they had written. Beautiful words!!

The food was almost cold by the time we ate, but still incredibly tastily delicious and everyone had a good time! We did it at the park behind my house and the kids all played on the playground. I swept 1/4 cup of sand off my floors after they all left, LOL!!!

Please remember to say a prayer, if you will, for Rush while he's overseas for safety, and for Bethany who will be doing the single-Mom thing again for 18 months, for sanity and peace.
** I know those probably aren't the actual recipes Mom used to make her coq au vin and ganache but I thought I'd share some good ones with you, incase you were inspired to try something new and INSANELY delicious!!!


  1. Prayers will be said. I know I have lots of military family so I understand the worry...what a wonderful thing to do! Renewing vows...

  2. i love u des so much thank u and ur mom so much for helping out with our vow renewal u both made it so special and i love u both so so very much
    bethany crabtree