Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Means Flannels

Unless you're my Dad and then anytime means flannel. Seriously, he wears flannel shirts during the summer. Crazy huh? Alright...anyways!

I still have all these gorgeous, gorgeous flannels Jenn sent me. I put together a messenger bag with them before and it sold almost over night, so I thought hey--it's fall. Time for another. And as I cut squares I thought might as well make one with the button/tab thing like I normally do. I just love the wooden buttons on both of them, my brother Artemas made them and sells ones like them in his etsy shop: Both bags are available at my etsy shop:
I should mention that Monday night I was climbing up our basement steps which happen to be directly under our inside-the-house steps because I'd been downstairs doing laundry. Hannah had followed me downstairs and as I climbed upward I stooped to pic her up and upon standing errect cracked the very top of my head on the underside of our inside-the-house stairs. The result was a slight concussion. So for 2 full days now I have been suffering from a splitting headache that people tell me nothing but major amounts of caffeine and Motrin will help. I am not sure they're really helping. I've thought tonight that my head wasn't hurting quite as badly, but I'm pretty nauseous and now that I've talked about it I realize my head hurts worse.

I've been making slow progress on my knitting too. Hannah thoroughly tangled my brown sock yarn and I can't knit any farther on my Dad's socks until I untangle it. I rationalize this lack of untanglage by telling myself that I already have Dad one pair of socks for Christmas, so if I don't get this one done it's okay and I have many other projects that need knitting before Christmas and I can come back to them.

I've gotten about half of my Finger Friendly hat knitted for Nancy. I had Mom close her eyes today and feel it all over to tell me if she thinks Nancy will like it, LoL!

I just got my first paycheck from working for our church tonight so tomorrow I'm going to get a tattoo! Actually, I'm going to stop in Alter Ego (in Knoxville) and show them my drawing and ask them how much it will cost me, and if they have time to do it tomorrow I will and if not I'll make an appointment to come back. As you may know my dear hubby Tony and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary and I'm going to get a tattoo for him, a cute little drawing I did of some heart shaped cherries and cherry blossoms. No, it wasn't his idea. I'm planning on getting a tat for my children in January (one of each of their birth-month flowers) and I thought I should have one for him first. I'm pretty excited about it. He knows I'm planning on getting one in the next week or so, but I am hoping they can squeeze me in tomorrow so it will kind of be a surprise for him.

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